Date: June 23, 2005, 4:23 pm tomorrow (Wed) 7 Tammuz, תשע”ה 24 May 2005, from 16:00 will take place of the home front command exercise in the central region. The exercise will end the day after tomorrow (Thursday), 8th of Tamuz, June 25, תשע”ה 2015, at 0400.
During the exercise there of the home front command forces and movement of emergency vehicles and security in the region.
The main part of the exercise will take place in the slaughterhouse site in Holon.
IDF spokesman stresses that the exercise was planned in advance as part of the graph of 2015 and training designed to maintain competency and readiness.
More information can be found in the information center of the HFC at 104 and on the following Web site:

Translated from Hebrew