The IDF and in exposing military infrastructure in Benjamin

Members of the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas operatives and
To perform various attacks including laying IEDs, kidnapping soldiers, rockets and igorn

תאריך: 08/05/2013, 12:09    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The General Security Service, the IDF revealed in January-February
2013 military infrastructure in the countryside. Members of the terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, targeting Hamas operatives, were to perform various attacks including: placing claimed the kidnapping of a soldier or settled and production rockets and igorn. Preventive arrest of the members the possibility to carry out the attacks with a.

Among the prominent detainees: Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Abu scare, born in 1987, a resident of RAS Karkar to bnimin. Hamas activist, a lawyer by profession who was detained in the past for his activities in Hamas. He served as head of the infrastructure and the contact against the activists. Ahmed Yassin Abdel
Fatah alex0ulax, born in 1986, a resident of Silwad. Hamas activist, formerly for involvement
Hamas military operations planning. Recruited by Ahmad Abu infrastructure.

Detained by GSS officers of organizing the ISA, that Abu Izz ל”גדודי recruit formidable
Al-Qassam Brigades (the armed wing of Hamas) by Ahmad Muhammad Khalil Odeh, a Hamas activist in Gaza, after expressing his consent to carry out military action. He was placed to snatch a soldier to take his identity card and his cell phone, for negotiation, and then kill him and bury him in hiding.

Abu Ahmed braovi formidable recruit, and in January 2013 began planning the attack
The abduction and preparation for acquiring weapons and materials for manufacturing rockets. In addition, they signaled a potential recruiting activists to holiitam.

The relationship between activists in the Gaza Strip to the infrastructure (email addresses) and operational telephones, by Ahmad Odeh, and Hamas activists from Gaza, who transferred to Abu scare training on issues such as ways to manufacture explosives.
And recruiting guidelines. In addition, the encryption software transfer weighed Abu scare for safe storage of files. In the investigation it was discovered that several days before the arrest the members transferred to Gaza Strip Abu scare regarding found, within days, to implement the task, so that the preventive custody programs.

In March, submitted to the military court in Judea charges against those involved, they played mainly corporate offences and unlawful association, conspiracy to intentionally cause death and conspiracy to manufacture explosive. Involved detainees until the end of legal proceedings.

The exposure emphasizes, once again, the motivation of the terrorist organizations, particularly
Hamas ‘ attacks in Israel to promote, especially abduction attacks for a bargaining chip for the release of prisoners.

Translated from Hebrew