The IDF raided the transportation of illegal stay in Bayeux

רכב מוביל שב”חים. צילום: דו”צ

In Judea held large-scale operation which ended in the arrest of 11 sided help to infuse every day dozens of illegal stay. Stress control:
This is not a specific activity only.

תאריך: 18/11/2013, 15:33    
מחבר: איתי רוזנטל, דובר צה”ל

Last week took place in Yehuda Brigade performs large-scale, Lilly aims to fight and focused on the phenomenon of illegal stay prioritize monthly (at) them to Israel territory. The operation was conducted by the IDF’s Yehuda Brigade oketz unit, in collaboration with the Hebron police.
The operation was carried out thanks to intelligence information collected for a long time, in areas where work in transportation business. The operation would target the Palestinian town of Dahariya, and its purpose was to stop the masi’i and impound the vehicles they operate. “In the town of Dahariya works for years in the transportation network to Israel, in collaboration with criminal elements in Israel territory, told IDF intelligence officer website (קמ”ן) of Judah, and one of the initiators.

The IDF raided the transportation of illegal stay in Bayeux

He said many Palestinians to infiltrate into Israel territory every month. “Palestinians of Judea and Samaria told the station.
In Dahariya daily in order to sneak into the State of Israel livelihood needs. The Divisional km2 said that “after collected a sufficient amount of intelligence and evidence on transportation network in town – it was just her, to stop and confiscate their cars. It is important to understand that much more effective in hurting the transportation infrastructure than to stop the
Themselves. ” See Division in a move to damage the roots of the phenomenon in order to achieve a significant reduction of the illegal attempt to penetrate the area.

During the operation, IDF forces and Israel Police on 11 masi’i, and confiscated five vehicles used for mostly gave. “The security forces in fighting this phenomenon through arrest in while
And confiscating cars, “said regimental intelligence officer.
The average fee paid in to their small range around 100 dollars in one direction, and that quantities of tens in the ‘hood. “Variable rate as a function of the effectiveness of our forces, so we understand the manufacturing operation is deterrence, specify
קמ”ן middle school.

The IDF raided the transportation of illegal stay in Bayeux

The IDF stated that the networks are causing heavy damages to the security infrastructure of fortune of millions of dollars saved due to the activity. At the same time, the security forces are committed to maintaining the security fence and perform several operations such as patrols, ambushes, fixed and mobile observation toward swam this channel. According to קמ”ן, this is not a specific activity only. “The operation in Dahariya was not the first and certainly won’t be the last,” he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew