Date: 18/05/2011, 12:00 am in the northern region:
In the afternoon a signal room.
Syrian order violators to Al Shams Tower and held violent demonstrations against IDF soldiers in the village centre. During attempts to stave off the order carried out firing him were several
Lebanon’s border region, a right to breach the perimeter fence into
Israel territory. The IDF responded by firing the two most wounded three officers, events
The IDF and ten soldiers.
At this time there are forces and Israel Police to restore order in the friction points.
The IDF considers Governments of Syria and Lebanon as responsible for the development of violent or provocation against Israel from their territory.
Today there were a number of riots at various sites throughout Judea and Samaria.
The disturbances included throwing stones, Molotov cocktails and lighting tires.
At Qalandiya,
South of Ramallah, is a violent disturbance featuring about 600 Palestinians, during shot Fireworks and stones were thrown at security forces who responded with riot control measures. During the day other incidents were recorded where the country hid behind
Ambulances in order to throw stones at umbrella. Persistent: true when IDF forces in their job.
In the South:
During the afternoon, demonstrations were held in several locations in the Gaza Strip. The most prominent of which took place near the Erez crossing where assembled hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators threw stones at IDF forces.
The protesters arrived near the crossing, causing damage in the structure. It is a passage used for humanitarian aid for the population in the Gaza Strip.
In response, carried out a controlled fire in order to keep the order and avoid serious problems to Israel territory. The gunfire damaged several protesters.
In addition
The IDF force identified a suspicious character in the afternoon which apparently engaged in planting explosive device near the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. The force carried out firing at the suspect. Damage is detected.
IDF repeatedly warned that any attempt to cross the people or damage property in response.

Translated from Hebrew