The IDF set up a field hospital for Palestinian Erez crossing

צילום ארכיון: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

The hospital was established with the approval of the Chief of staff and the political directives give medical treatment to Palestinians: ominteri “mission, Hamas prevents
Of basic medical care. “

תאריך: 20/07/2014, 13:27    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן

About performs background “Cliff” and the ground operation in the Gaza Strip, designed to damage the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas tunnels of the Inferno, the political echelon decided to set up a field hospital at the Erez crossing. The hospital was established in existing building and protected
The Chief of general staff approved Binyamin (Benny) Gantz and coordinator of government activities in the territories (Hanson)
Aluf Yoav (Polly).

The hospital was erected this week due to special circumstances during this period, and is intended to provide humanitarian medical care to the population. Colt hospital patients and wounded.
Palestinians, in accordance with the coordination and liaison administration in Erez for medical treatment.
Are basic clinic services including treatment of urgent cases, including women and children, as well as the delivery room and hospitalization. The hospital is staffed by physicians, nurses, x-ray technicians and laboratory, and operates under the responsibility of the medical corps.  “In light of the evolution of fighting also has multiple injuries from the Palestinian side. We understand that we have can also help in this area and serve humanitarian assistance to the population, we understand that an large part in hostilities “, told IDF site Commander, Lt.-Col. Sharon.

At the hospital are Arabic-speaking interpreters on behalf of school DCL of mtep, which help in communicating with the Palestinians. “We’ve got a winning combination of advanced medical capabilities, translation and liaising with the relevant organizations to provide this important treatment,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Sharon.

The hospital maintains close ties with Israel, as well as medicine with medicine.
In this way, after the wounded receive treatment instead-directed sequel depending on their follow-up in hospital in Israel or in that side, also with
International organizations providing medical response in the Gaza Strip.

At this stage, edit the field hospital of the 12 hospitalized, in addition to treating dozens more. “The big advantage is expanding its capabilities for handling a variety of cases. We work 24/7 format and are prepared to act, “noted the Commander.

This work is particularly significant the IDF during this period. “This takes effect when the current year, while Hamas is using population as human shields and preventing them from being able to receive medical treatment. The IDF manages persistent war in one hand and the other hand serves humanitarian assistance to anyone not involved in the fighting, “said Lt. Col. Sharon.


Translated from Hebrew