The IDF stated that the international day against violence against women

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

In women’s Affairs Advisor fighting sexual abuse phenomenon and the coping and support center that provides care and support for victims.
יוהל”ן:” we will do everything we can to root out violence from the root side effects

תאריך: 26/11/2013, 14:02    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


Yesterday (Monday) is the international day for combating violence against women, which put this ridiculous phenomena at center stage. Global data and earthly concern, and, like the rest of the world, working to eradicate the phenomenon.
“The events of sexual abuse within
The IDF indicate is almost three times lower compared to the General data in the State of Israel. However, it is still terrible, “claimed the day before women’s Affairs Advisor (squadron), Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel, Organization annual Wichita marking today. “Any woman who has experienced violence is a personal story that shouldn’t happen, certainly not in an organization as legally binding IDF men and women to serve it,” she added.

Precisely for this reason, a year and three months built down the Center יוהל”ן and coping (Hu) in this Center is intended to serve as a reference Center for men and women,” and responded with three modes-sexual harassment, violence
In the family or spouse, and unplanned pregnancies. The amount of references to the center of gravity.
Cost since its inception, and which is growing all the time.

The IDF stated that the international day against violence against women

In the medical corps compound in tzrifin, on the second floor, take a team of plainclothes officers and airmen and face. From your phone, first through the first meeting of what is and all the staff concerned treatment create an atmosphere of safe and protected. “Our goal is to accompany any injured sexual harassment are criminal proceedings and feel aspect. Sexual abuse directly infringes on personal security experience, confidence and self-esteem and leads to many symptoms appear, “explained Oh Center headquarters, clinical social worker profession and graduated from psychotherapy program at Tel Aviv University, major tobacco stains. “The main purpose there was founded the Center is to offer support and professional and personal support to restore strength and confidence and to prevent cracked tkbot post traumatic reactions,” she added.

Staff working in two main areas-in feel and care and assistance in filing the complaint, and the combination makes what exists in other bodies comparison Starting next month, will also support centre, and soon.
Enter the action self-defense workshops designed for victims and transferred in conjunction with fitness רמ”ח.

The Centre can be contacted anonymously and receive consultation by phone. “The basic approach at the center of reception and judicial criticism-free”, the major tobacco. 
Treatment ranges from a few weeks to support throughout the service. “The therapeutic process allows
To get hurt playing her voice and release. The sense of loneliness in such situation “very big, explained the central headquarters. “We emphasize them this place operates under confidentiality and medical confidentiality. creating a safe place to trauma, which compromised the perimeter boundaries,” she added.

In contrast to w (mental health officer), who is also a possible address for help within the army, the Center does not require approval, making it more accessible channel. “Our aspiration to achieve the ‘ ability to function properly in all spheres, including military service.
This young Center, important and the work just keeps expanding. The transfer Center tutorials to various entities in the IDF as the advocate and out, collaborate with civilian aid centers. “When a soldier or a soldier wounded in the army military service takes responsibility for the treatment to return to emotional balance and continue normal service,” emphasizes major tobacco.

In addition to the squadron headquarters are in prevention.
“We are working in the preceding section to the disturbing violence and climate of non-respect,” יוהל”ן explained in her speech. “I stand here as a representative of the IDF, and at יוהל”ן we pledge and we will do the maximum in order to root symptoms that could lead to violence against women, children, and society as a whole, “Brigadier General Rachel summarized-Wiesel incentive.


Translated from Hebrew