Date: 11/04/2010, 12:00 am the IDF General staff, headed by Chief of general staff, General
Gabi Ashkenazi, was convened today (Sunday), ב”בקעת special seminar” communities at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
The seminar focused on the functioning and coping of the Jewish community during the Holocaust. During the seminar the special military ceremony in Bulgaria, whose Jews included reading “remember” prayer to fill.
During the ceremony the survey Chief of general staff, General Gabi Ashkenazi, family sources and the personal story of
His father during the Holocaust: “like everybody, Plovdiv’s father opened the night of 9 March 1943 the door of their house and found where officers instructed them Bulgarians prepare
For expulsion from Canada to several hours later. Together with his brother, six thousand Jewish families also concentrated my schoolyard, and participated in the joint services ‘ outcry heard Israel — which gathered the Jews in knowing where they were going. They knew the stories about the destruction of the European Jews in the camps, at this stage of the war they had no doubt that they’re going to the same place from which there is no return.
A Jew.
Plovdiv, and father, not sent to the extermination camps. Notice of cancellation of the deportation order came when they were already at the train station, shortly before the hactia was supposed to work.

The Chief also said he: “on behalf of my father and his family dreamed of an independent and sovereign State and on behalf of all the millions not won in realizing their dream, I stand here today as the force’s Commander, Israel Defense Forces and pledged on behalf of all of us: never stand more defenseless, need the mercy of others. Never seen a Jew looking scared, begging them to spare. You can never go wrong for man, to determine the fate of Israel’s future and we defend both.

Translated from Hebrew