The increasing attempts to instill military Smartphone virus

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

In the security warning information click suspicious links and recommend to download apps from the official sites only. An officer: “current protection measures do not replace the user’s awareness.”

תאריך: 07/11/2013, 12:00    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו ורותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

ביטחון מידע

Due to the increased use of smartphones, including management of schedules
And widespread calls through the device-array information security warn of information disclosure in social applications and applications for transferring messages.

Use the installed applications on Smartphones has increased in recent years, and with them the risk of information leakage, sometimes classified into the grid or by Hostiles. “In recent years we see that turned against the State of Israel and the IDF intelligence estimate isofit which takes effort and increase in cyberspace”, told IDF website helps the head of information security Department (owe), Lt.-Col. p.. “In practical terms, we can say that the technological capabilities to attack mobile devices simple and smart to start (even free) and can be run by anyone who desires it.

Unsubscribe indicate that hostile elements utilize apps to their advantage in order to glean information from users. Through their cooperation is by sending a text to which is attached a link is suspected. Once you click the link moved pugen (type of virus) into the application’s operating system, which can trigger actions to collect information from the smart device and user (adjusting position using GPS, contacts etc medal).

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Only a week ago received with mobile devices, many military viral message,
That contains a link to a site where you can download photo sharing app.  Unsubscribe factors
Check out the site and found that this is a legitimate site that exploits the contact list in smart device and sends a message on behalf of viral owns the device to all the contacts link.

In this case, because the subject is examined in depth the clarified that there was no automatic installation of the Smartphone device pugen. However, a similar type of message, and was sent by makes
Hostile, would look identical and causes great damage to the user’s privacy and information store
On the device. Alongside this, we could use the device to balance. “There are technologies that enable you to market the smart mobile device protection against a variety of threats, but they are not a substitute for the commanders and soldiers-users alike,” said a. רמחב”ם.
He said that currently there are ongoing efforts to protect the world.

In response to an event, instruct the Department information security how to act when a text is not recognized. First, avoid clicking the link suspect (that sent addressed to unknown or suspicious content). Unsubscribe also recommend installing unauthorized applications (such as downloaded from the app store), and keep track of the permissions that the software requires. Additionally, we recommend that you also install antivirus software on the device unlocked.

Translated from Hebrew