​The 2016 festival, which will open with a tribute to Shoshana Damari, the first lady of Israeli song, will be celebrated in indoor and outdoor venues all around Jerusalem. 

The Israel Festival celebrates its 55th year


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​(Communicated by Israel Ministry of Tourism)

The Israel Festival, which marks 55 years since its founding, will be held from May 24 to June 11, 2016 at indoor and outdoor venues all around Jerusalem.

The Israel Festival continues to provide a link between contemporary trends in global and Israeli culture, with productions originating in the classical and familiar presented from a contemporary viewpoint.

Alongside original Israeli performances, the Festival will present shows by bands, artists and writers from Austria, Italy, Belgium, France, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the United States, and China.

Leading Israeli vocal artists will pay tribute to Shoshana Damari, the first lady of Israeli song. Damari is recognized as the singer who not only created the soundtrack of her generation, but in the process also created a soundtrack of Israeli culture and identity, inseparably embedding her image on Israeli consciousness.  

The concert “Mah Omrot Einayich,” in which leading Israeli singers will offer their own interpretations of Damari’s iconic songs, will open the Israel Festival in Safra Square.