The land revolution continues: an innovative technique to change the next engineering activity

לוחמי הנדסה באימון לילה נגד חזבאללה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

As part of the adjustment to the changing nature of the battlefield, with its corps of engineers patrol “” end of capability for basic skill of all. So it will affect the campaign.

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

הנדסה קרבית

A revolution in the Mainland not only strewn Armor:
The Corps working on the response to future battles, and building a revolutionary new concept that only granted when a technique even silver, Navy units and infantry units. the qualification, “Engineering”, patrol originated from the 7, and led to a significant leap in the ability to uncover sophisticated IEDs. After shochlla, to cut and fatal, is bulk only granted in. “this is new Allium have increasing significance on the battlefield,” said Brigade Commander, Colonel nadav Lawton.

The patrol is actually tour engineers of engineering troops for intelligence Engineering (e.g. cargo tracking) and dealing with the engineering challenges are
It. Patrol capability was previously exclusive to tour (God) and the Cruiser, but soon become an integral part of all is level due
Changes in the field.

“The ability to promise better patrol the manoeuvre of forces in Lebanon against Hezbollah’s sophisticated cargo terminal”
Col. Roy said IDF website zibrberg, 603 engineering battalion. “Terrorist groups have progressed considerably, both in scope and sophistication. Engineering patrol reveal the charges and micosh lines and open a path to a shell and alive, “he added.

In addition to the qualification in the force, is only granted the soldiers live in danger to help the reserve battalions of regiments and armor. In contrast to normal combat doctrine development process started in the field. “The previous divisional training was a kind of pilot-patrol is very successful,” Eid Majid 603.

Writing the character, in collaboration with the Engineering Officer, applies only at a later stage and in progress these days. 7th Armored Brigade Commander,
Colonel nadav Lawton, added on “section already temata a year from today, we have platoons patrol Division including the engineering regiment was added, each of them knew how to do engineering patrol”.

No Hill

The battlefield of the future is described as asymmetric battlefield: when IDF forces, ordered army to deal with guerrilla squads of Hezbollah organization.
Military. This is not linear, but rather a broad front which sides sneak from 360 degrees and ambush. At the same time, terrorist squads will dig in the tunnels, in villages, and thick groves.
No Hill.

It’s common to focus on the revolutionary change that made armored Corps to adjust to fighting,
But the 7 indicate that the key to the new warfare is cooperation-infantry battalions, soldiers and armor when fighting neck shoulder’s battlegroup and company cover each other. “Living forces skipping from House to House, engineering patrol forces and armour give firepower. This creates a full shell, “explained Lieutenant Colonel Yair light c. 77. Changing this perception enabled the rise of petrol engineering-the understanding that fighting will be under hailit long, and infantry and armor all pinned ב’רגלי engineering force authorities bar.
603 battalion, in conjunction with the brigades of tanks, worked in recent years to develop the professionalism which characterize the patrol, based on current intelligence. “Scan methods have been developed mainly in the past year. Needed to determine how, what are looking for, and to learn about the signs, “said the IDF from website responsible for the summary character, Captain Chazan.
The powers continue to develop your technique, you can’t complete doctrine, but in the end it can be said that one purpose to allow troops and armor, and win.

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