Date: 23/09/2007, 12:00 am currently, launched the home front command in a remake, featuring, among others, first version in Arabic and English.

The site will serve the people of Israel in the procedure for guidance and information on emergency and emergency issues as another tool to deliver life-saving guidelines.

The site
Features user-friendly environment, while meeting the highest standards including: load-resistant ability, providing a real-time alert when a missile attack, support, training materials are written and audio-visual, forums, questions to experts and more.

M. home front command, major General Yitzhak Gershon (Jerry) said: “the Internet is an important medium and the media field and current.
The HFC which carved motto with Israel’s population is currently at the forefront
Technology. The new website is a distinct application of lessons from the second Lebanon war. “

You can browse the following website:

Translated from Hebrew