The marine activity looks like across the Gaza Strip

כוחות סטי”לים בזמן מבצע “צוק איתן”. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Party warriors look of the scene Ashdod practiced earlier this week to a scenario
Operation in Gaza. During the night they had already shelled targets in the Gaza Strip. The training covered all possible scenarios, just before the exit to “Cliff”

תאריך: 07/10/2014, 11:44    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

צוק איתן
חיל הים

The marine activity looks like across the Gaza Strip

In the context of the preparations for operation “Cliff”, ongoing security party (I) for an exceptional workout scene Ashdod held onto the coast of Gaza, which is intended to prepare her for a scenario like this. Monday night, several hours after exercise, already party fighters attacked several targets in Gaza, including Hamas training camps.
“In terms of attacks on Gaza Beach, today looks pretty similar to what we did in operation-nodemim pillar guns not quality targets,” explained Lieutenant Colonel, Chief of party a.
“And helping to land forces, Navy worked on developing appropriate measures, training and capabilities.”

Navy attacking targets in the Gaza Strip during operation “Cliff”

The operation will continue on keeping the boat limit of parallel and complement among terrestrial and shell targets of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip. In addition, they help to land forces, they can use a distant perspective and features. With these tasks required party fighters look to cope during your workout.
The fighters,
During the training have become schools of Rishon Lezion for buildings in the Gaza Strip. The ships practiced attacking shore targets locked and performed all the steps. In addition, the ship followed in silence after the speeding Jeep rested on his way to the goal. The fighters moved regular updates to live by force, and told him all the time what’s beyond his sight.

Another review of “Cliff”:

This thwarted attack of Hamas ‘ naval commandos
The aircraft models in operational activities at the awl
Also practiced in training was protection from intrusions and attempted, alongside fighters were required to deal with unexpected challenges such as fire extinguishers,
The flooding and rescue wounded drowned–all at the same time. Practice set a long time designated date, and is not a response to the escalation. However, said Lieutenant Colonel Sun that practice is totally period pottery scene in “.

Workout designed as all-party training, but was attended by only some boats in sailing. The other part had to herd due to heightened alert.
According to Lieutenant Colonel, the ships were ready for an attack on the beach as required, as is the case in pillar.

Dealing with rising attacks by sea alerts

While areas of heavy rockets are fired from the land to the South of the country, another channel intelligence revealed an increase in the motivation of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip to carry out an attack by sea. Identifying an increase in alerts for attacks.
And getting ready. “The scope of alerts raised, including intention to attack lethal, complex described Lieutenant Colonel. “We are staying a lot, rarely were on a beach in two weeks, told IDF Deputy Chief of site ‘ the fish ‘ (a sailing vessel), Sgt.

Naval forces have implemented the political decision, the limits for half the six miles.
Where a fishing boat allowed Gazans. Navy of friction between events watching the ships, the beliefs about the order, and the fishermen. “We made this move in a very elegant setting. We speak Arabic on all ships and told in the morning that’s going to happen at noon, and minimum friction, “noted the Chief of party. Now, following the reduction of the fishing, we estimate that there will be more cases of irregularities and more friction.

The marine activity looks like across the Gaza Strip

Throughout the past year Navy business improving cooperation with ground forces. “We’ve improved our capabilities designed to help troops
“Land, said Lt. Col. Ahmed, Commander of the school of Ste. “We’ve improved the techniques and also upgrading the typhoon, Cannon know today to attack a specific window,” added the Commander of the school.

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