Yesterday, April 11, 2016, the Ministry of Health issued an online dynamic tender for dairy products for governmental hospitals, including Hadassah and Shaare Zedek Hospitals.

The volume of the tender is estimated at approximately NIS 130 million per year for a 4 year period.
The largest dairies in the market have participated in the tender and it is conducted using the multi-item Dutch tender method. A tender using this method was conducted for the first time in Israel on a digital platform using smart cards using e-gov assistance.
The dairies contended over 50 items concurrently in the tender.
The win distribution:

  • Tnuva won 50% of the items
  • The Central Company won 41% of the items
  • Strauss won 9% of the items 

The discount rates received in the tender express a reduction of about NIS 10 million per year compared to the prices of the previous tender.
In this tender, the number of items offered at the hospitals was doubled, allowing for significant diversification in the supply of milk and dairy products for hospitals.