The month: moved the field army’s fitness revolution in the last year.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Among the changes: short walking distance and increasing the weight of the equipment during the Knesset beret Krav Maga lessons to all units and training programs for prospective and reserves

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

חודש הכושר והבריאות
כושר קרבי

In the morning of 22 October this year were all IDF officers from the rank of Colonel or above to run of three and a half miles,
And with them the month events began the IDF indicated in October each year. “People think that there is a health and fitness month this means we can neglect the fit the other 11 months, but obviously this is not the case”, explains in an interview with IDF website
Combat fitness Department in GoC army headquarters, Colonel Oren. “This month symbolizes for us the beginning of the annual exercise – as our new year.”
In summary the health and fitness month, Colonel number age of last revolutionary fitness area in the last year.

The month: moved the field army’s fitness revolution in the last year.

Photo Archive: the IDF spokesperson

For years one of the main components of ב’רבאק
Various combat units was along the journey their beret Soldiers of the Givati Brigade, for example, used to walk miles and 84, as the regiment and paratroopers drank similar distances for the Red beret. With all due respect ל’וואסח, in recent years comes the understanding that field units throughout the journeys that the Warriors is not the most important factor, and long journeys can lead to injuries and fractures.

“In the past we’ve gone from long trips without equipment, travelled along the rough terrain, with heavy weights, for short distances,” says Colonel
Age. “Where Meg takes his troops just 100 kilometers journey, we tell him to reduce the distance but add weights, taking them along the complex area.
So a journey of thirty miles becomes equivalent to 70.

Also, until the current year for fighters to carry up to 40% of their body weight. “The Warrior’s personal equipment from the present 30%”, Colonel Gil, and explains that nowadays, with permission from Commodore, combatants carry up to 55% of their body weight on them during training or operational missions.

The month: moved the field army’s fitness revolution in the last year.

Colonel Gil. Photo: GoC army headquarters

In order to avoid conflicting commands, fitness guide written this year for the first time in collaboration with medical professionals, legal consulting and quality control and safety in the arm. “If fighters don’t practice as they fight the practice will become irrelevant,” said Colonel Gil. “If you make a journey with West and kiss at the beach along 70 miles won’t earn anything because there is no parallel to this operational outline” shows.

In addition, stomach crunches in the gym training were in favor of power drills – returned to צה”ליים training for the first time since 2001. “We have seen the consequences Ethan ב’צוק ‘ torso was strengthened, and the fighters are generally much stronger,” argues Colonel Gil.

“Everyone is confident that all IDF soldiers Krav Maga experts and martial arts”

Former Chairman Colonel age poetry
In a variety of roles including working with foreign security forces – as Chief of counterterrorism and joint unit to personal security. “When you go abroad has some Hebrew words I know everywhere–‘ Hello ‘, ‘ institution ‘, ‘ at ‘ ו’קרב ‘ touch,” he says. “Everyone is confident that all IDF soldiers Krav Maga experts and martial arts.

In the past year and a half came in self defense classes
And Krav Maga for basic Army training, to patrol soldier Warrior rank in passing basic training center at Camp 80 2. “We don’t expect any soldier to battle or to arrest a wanted person, but that soldier know that she needs to scream, to resist or give strikes instead of the strategic effect could be enough to discourage and even thwart an attack or attempted attack,” explains Mr. Todd.

The month: moved the field army’s fitness revolution in the last year.

Krav Maga instructor every warrior unit. Photo: IDF

At the same time, the training unit also strengthened that actually come in contact with – and today almost every fighting unit is at least one combat instructor. “Previously created relatively newer biachidoth have mode directory Krav Maga as special or presented with other cruisers without a guide, but learned to do the prioritization,” says Colonel Gil.

In addition, officers have been in combat, role, school, home school, and the Live 8 (School of combat fitness). These officers drilled the future commanders of the IDF-a variety of scenarios built, tangled plots and entrenched, and Krav Maga fighting in tunnels.

Examines the level for reservists, a fitness program for prospective

Physical training of combatants in regular service is indeed a complex and gradual process, but ultimately they army orders – and perform the tasks required of them, hard as they are. However, the IDF must worry also two civilian populations incompetence that are bent to his will – on the one hand to prospective will
To join the army to get prepared, but the reserve personnel who come to practice a few times a year and may neglect their bodies.

A number of programs used in the Department may give a solution even for those audiences. “Last year we have confirmed with medical and legal entities performing level of testing for reservists before operational employment”, Colonel. “Instead of sending its army reserves.
Straight operational activity without knowing what he’s been since the last practice, we fitness test and practice of shooting after the reserve personnel effort with their reception. It is far more safe than to send it directly to an operational mission.
In addition, the reserve personnel attached to the IDF, including 1,000 practice groups from Haifa to Eilat.

While among the reserve entry exists the risk of neglecting the gym, fresh recruits has a problem. Many candidates for service, especially those designed to combat, service are recorded in 11th and 12th for groups.

The country currently does not have one body all the groups and give them clear guidelines regarding their activities, and many suffer injuries of effort due to intensive training or not. Combat fitness Department hope that in the coming year can receive professional authority on the subject, and the regulator for those groups – to ensure that the activities for the basic shape of a soldier in the IDF.

“There is no drctiva that approves what is IDF preparation Department. In recent months, began working with physicians ‘ me ‘ – changed their fitness programs from end to end, and today all physical fitness program is organized and approved by us, “Colonel age specification. The Department’s aim is to reach more groups in the job.

In addition to working closely with the fitness groups launched in recent months, the site of the combat fitness fitness programmes for a famous detective, enabling them to achieve their service qualification military basic exercise required of them. “Shitagiiso, each unit practicing them according to its needs, but through the new platform we hope that soldiers get a lot more singing and less injuries,” Mr. agreement.

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