The netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment called to exercise in Judea and Samaria

לוחמי נצח יהודה בתרגיל. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

The exercise included prevention of terrorist infrastructure removed area attacks Israel, and against the backdrop of the increasing activities of terrorist cells in sector

תאריך: 16/04/2014, 18:42    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

נצח יהודה

Just before they go to practice, receiving battalion fighters netzah Yehuda battalion explosive mode reminder in exercise, in the form of a sudden, brigades Stationed throughout the sector in
Remain collapsed forces, while most of the regiment was required to respond as quickly as possible to a complex scenario, in which terrorist networks conduct attacks in Israel territory. “The drill was conducted in the villages that are in the sector, and enjoy freedom of action due to the presence of lower military personnel,” explained the officer חטמ”ר agenda, Maj. NIR anchor. “Practiced there for sure in the enemy territory hostile elements feel persecuted, and successfully organized the terrorist infrastructure,” said.

According to the scenario, terrorists practised Jenin and Tulkarem cities, established terrorist networks in the region, from Sahl made a series of attacks against the citizens of Israel.
In order to stop him, the regiment was required to perform a long foot traffic into two villages-and the full takeover. “The format is a winning feature for preparation of extreme event” battalion, said major anchor. “Only through the exercise Regiment is ready to switch from normal to emergency mode of escalation. The warriors were surprised, but did the trick and stood for “, he clarified the Divisional Officer.

The exercise took place against the backdrop of recent events at central command. Two weeks ago killed a Hamas operative, Hamza Abu elhija, in an exchange of gunfire during an arrest. According to the suspect, he planned to take the attack to Israel territory. According to major anchors, events such as these highlight the sensitivity of the situation in the sector and the importance of exercise. “We saw this event some terrorist infrastructure saturation, sector starting to lift their heads,” he said. “It highlights the importance of practice, because we know that armed terrorists and planning attacks,” concluded.

Translated from Hebrew