The new integrated dedicated task battalion in central command

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Battalion “Cheetah” will be built on the foundations of a regiment “LAVI”, belonging to the Kfir Brigade, and will be 50% women || The first cycle will be November soon. || The boot camp will be a battalion of paratroopers came

תאריך: 28/09/2014, 14:07    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

שירות נשים

The big cats family expands: 1 November is expected to open the first troop mobilization Cheetah “, the new integrated GoC army headquarters. The Regiment will be dedicated to security battalion regularly in central command, and set up on the basis of the battalion “mshavith brings” subject to the Kfir Brigade. The regiment’s name, expected to go to command of a Division, like a Caracal troop “indicating the year decade.

The old-new battalion while already received, but has not yet decided what will be the color of the beret
Of the regiment or Corps who will be leading the battalion command. However, now that the boot camp and combat training will be freshmen coming paratroopers.
“In terms of the concept and everything will be new mission, emphasized in discussion to IDF Deputy Counsel website
Women’s Affairs Chief (יוהל”ן), Lt. Col. Ajay Saturn. “The right step for our behalf is
Creating something new, so it was decided to change the name.

The Regiment will be composed of some 50% warriors. To enable the best combination, Squadron headquarters involved in the entire process and passed the bar recommendations that will enable the service. Among the possible recommendations focus on staff, composed of mixed by geography, and made significant roster of the conjunction יוהל”ן in everything to do with gender. In addition, recommendations concerning proper integration were transferred as well. “Our emphasis is not worse than the commands require,” Col. unveiled Saturn.

Another major issue regarding gender integration is adjusting equipment. Before
Recruiting warriors, worried about the size, custom jackets tailored to the female body and additional equipment. Also, the function by the assembled for combat efforts.
“In terms of fitness tip is the same, but the way different,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Shabtai.
“You have to allow this way, even if it is a half-hour training day for women instead of an hour every other day suitable for men.

Squadron headquarters demonstrated that really isn’t about the end of the integration of women in combat roles, and that may in the future see the troops manipulated fighters. “We need to see the Regiment No Caracal momentous success story to prove the system works,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Shabtai.

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