The new system will help reduce the amount of accidents in safety


“Lior” will provide information on concerns and vulnerabilities involved in safety training, and help commanders in planning and managing training and exercises

תאריך: 10/11/2013, 15:43    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The annotation system, a computerized system is State of the art in development in GoC army headquarters — will assist the Commander in the field, in planning and managing training and exercises, and help him in learning from past safety events and knew the risks of the practice. The system, the development of safety and quality control (Beck) in collaboration with the ICT Department in GoC army headquarters, include the General data about the practice areas from North to South.  “We expect the new system shortens processes and provide all the required information to the Commander in the field, and thus help to prevent accidents in the future commanders,” said the IDF website, head Colonel Zvi.

The system is a system built from layered safety information about all areas of training.
The first layer contains the weaknesses of potential safety hazards in such fields
Mines, pits, and obstacles. The second layer will be able to find details about field safety events from recent years, and the third layer ranges required safety training. In addition, the system includes a layer which described the fire zones in which the IDF practice.

The ICT Department buck? and of major initiated the project about six months ago, and today he is currently underway. The GoC army headquarters said that the project will go into action in the first half of 2014.

According to Colonel Dan, the system can automatically calculate all the information layer. “From now on, Meg or company want to practice or make a particular space-navigation is able to log on and get all the data on the area, learn about the history of the region’s security and how to prepare for practice safely,” explained the head of Beck.

Meanwhile, “Lior” will be part of the “Galilee”, which came into use about two and a half years ago and is a knowledge management tool for various units in the IDF and Beck “ה”גלילית “includes all security events of various army units, and allows commanders to manage their knowledge about the events ‘ ו’כמעט ‘ and hit with the system”, said Colonel Dan. “Safety in every event entered into the system, and you can get the snapshot of each use,” added, “including locating task properties, trends, etc.

Translated from Hebrew