The OC: the assumption is that the next war will open in surprise.

האלוף אייזנברג, ארכיון

Gen. Eyal Eisenberg spoke at Kinneret to Army investigators and the major advances of the hinterland in recent years: “a difference of heaven and Earth between 2006 to 2013”

תאריך: 16/12/2013, 15:50    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

The Commander of the home front command, major general Eyal Eisenberg, estimates that the next war will open in surprise. In remarks at the Kinneret Israel Army company researchers, conducted last week, said Gen. Eisenberg that “State of Israel home front
2006 and 2013 there is a difference of heaven and Earth “.

“We have developed the perception that comes and says that during war or challenge in the hinterland are efforts aimed at strengthening the resilience is one,” added national champion. According to him, efforts are rescue and life-saving, emergency life routine, selective policies according to regions and supporting the forces “manipulated the rationale for help is manipulated as he would manipulate and determine faster is reduce the damage”.

Champion Eisenberg estimates that the decision not to shut down the market during operation “pillar”
Saved 2.8 billion economy. He noted that “when talking about such systems, where it is a money saver and saved the State of Israel. The damage to the horns interface
The meaning behind the failure in 2006 in Haifa Bay was 1.6 billion dollars and it saved as a result of the alert systems.

According to him, the biggest change in the fighting of 2006 to today is the battle over the neck. “Unbearable lightness between ability and thought that’s squeezing the trigger firing steep track is to” champion, “Eisenberg said.
Assume that the war opened in surprise, the capabilities of the arrays for a normal 911 is almost instantly, we should be prepared. Need to understand that the next campaign will open fire on the nape and probably end the fighting starts again on another front will continue and will be closing process, as seen in operation and
Cloud “.

“Every task we perform neck military space program, said” the OC, “citizens are part of it, need to share and connect to the military. We need to invest more in education and alert systems and less on protection of civilians by education of citizens on how to behave in emergency situations and by improving early warning system we could better protect the neck.

Translated from Hebrew