Relations between Rooney alshich Nam before the Conference. He stressed the importance of public confidence in the police and presented a אמו”ן program prevents the situational and protect it, find out what problems the troublesome citizens anywhere in the country and take care of them.”-so said Israel, police chief Ronnie relations 212, when introduced to the first “אמו”ן “(preventive strategies and management focus) during Association Conference.

According to the Police Commissioner, “if Israel wants to be able to serve the public, she needs him. Citizens want every moment to feel the police are there for him, and that’s why we thought the right thing to do is to figure out what really bothers the citizen anywhere in the country.

The Police Commissioner also discussed the important part of the situational leadership theory – plan: “we’re not looking for detainees and indictments, we want to raise the compliance process. Ultimately, we want to make a better society. We intend to establish gradually a change of obeying the law process, because it’s our responsibility. We have the ability to change the norms “.

“No need to explain why the police can’t operate without public confidence. It is true that the police have a role to protect the public. You can protect the public without trust. But if we want to be able to serve the public, we have his trust. Israel Police made a very long way in the last decade, “the law”, however, the higher law almost does not affect public confidence. Of course, when the police failed to undermine confidence is high. The public wants at any given moment to feel the police are there for him, so we thought the right thing to do, along with the continued strengthening of the law is to make the practice of “classic” law, then synchronize the police classic “policing.

“We have to figure out what actually troubling to public in a given territory.
At the end of the process, each police stations need to highlight the issues and initiate treatment resources on issues that concern the citizens in a given sector, and there is a huge different between programs. We consecrate the variance between territories, since all the civil territory. For example, if a particular region concerned citizen akamot elsewhere, it doesn’t bother him because he was agitated. If the police want public, who lives at a specific location, to feel that we are there for him, she has to deal with what bothers him where he lived. We must answer this question relative to each territory separately to determine what matters most. It’s very important that this process be done with the public “.

“We must make a distinction between offences of normative and civil offenses committed by offenders. Most of the offences in Israel pass normative citizens. And here the default treatment should be situational prevention and enforcement. Need to create, creatively and gradually change of obeying the law process. We think it’s the responsibility of the police and have the ability to change the norms. We don’t want a percentage of the population in prison. “

“Can we give for example drunken driving offense: majority of driving under the influence because he’s not doing it, but because he is convinced he can take the wheel. Therefore, the best way to handle this is through a situational prevention – by placing the offer to spend being tested in owlets, by collaborating with authorities provide shuttles and night lines. The response is very good citizens, Greece they care not to break the law. “

“The concept of situational prevention is only beginning and need to develop it, refine it and bring it into art. Eventually, she has a chance to change the law in compliance with norms, normative shy citizens to break the law. We don’t want detainees and indictments, we want to raise the compliance process. As we open this perception, we can direct more resources to combat corruption and serious crime. We can produce a better society.
We need to go into each cell area of the citizen feels the police there for him. It is a challenge, but it is possible. “

“The situational leadership theory is the default handling of normative violations but is also a very important tool in the opposite behavior. The situational leadership theory drives can apply in cyberspace. Set up a dedicated unit that, to truly advance the evil and adjust resources to the problem. Cyberspace is an area which is crime, all types of crime, particularly property crime and crimes against children.

“We are subject to the protection of privacy, but this topic is not legally break, so we decided to act to not work under legal guidelines. New search law refers to the need to strike a balance between privacy protection and maintaining public safety. Which should boost us law, representing the average of the values of Israel and thus is also dynamic. As long as there is no law, we are subject to the legal advice of the Attorney General. Under the law, a citizen can do anything, unless prohibited by law. The States where there’s instructions.

“Police closed to media, but by no means get out, not compromise investigations materials on this topic, keep human dignity. The leak investigation harms human dignity and professional tools of the investigation “.

“The schools, reveal various threats boys Act in specific sectors to be everywhere that we can prevent the offenses and to change norms, tools, be careful and be wary. It’s cheaper than here restart the offender as well as the injured. Act not where popular, but where the core of our work is important.

Translated from Hebrew