The recruitment aptitude test: continue cultivating character role

מאבחנת פסיכוטכנית בלשכת הגיוס. צילום אילוסטרציה: “במחנה”

Now will all evaluate them new lacing. In the current draft would cost several
The recruits for the prestigious role: “complex and intense that it challenges are growing pains.”

תאריך: 28/04/2014, 18:09    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


The aptitude test, data and all the horizon of placing personnel entered in the recruitment bureaus, recruiting new soldiers today. Izzoido character string for the first time unique new, dark blue, which replaces the string that characterizes
The array and detected with diagnostic role of behavioral sciences.

The first “same meets Soloman when they came to the army’s aptitude test, diagnoses the impact of placing personnel, and even target personal data which will determine whether and how it can evolve. Responsibility lies גדולה״, Deputy Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Amir lives, last event to members of the array.

The recruitment aptitude test: continue cultivating character role

The tie. Photo: אכ”א

String substitution is done for over two years ago on the launch of a unique mask to graduates of training psichotinot diagnoses. Here too, the pin used to go with her was the same as the behavior Sciences diagnoses imagination resulting from the historical relationship between the separated many years ago.

“Our goal is to create unique to this role, and display it visually,” said Maj. best aptitude test רמ”ד, Yael Avidan.
“We chose this color that is called the unit colors: blue and green, and beautiful to the eye, but mostly because it symbolizes depth-in property evaluator role, explained.

“The role that affects your whole life.”

Aptitude test examiner role brings the soldier with all types of population in Israel, with all its diversity. The long and intensive training aims to enable all diagnoses to know ultimately meet with the rule and to determine its data.
“Nature is very varied role and reveals his character and life stories.
The job consists of personally and intensively on his SATs, “רמ”ד character.
“In recent years a man needed to address special populations, the complexity and challenges only the close,” said.

Under the new draft, raised the number of recruits to boys diagnosed psichotchniim roles. The other growing populations facing also-such as learning disabilities. Dealing with learning disabilities strengthened and modified the shmathoi in recent years, even in light of petition-eventually break that recruiting offices and checking gauges correctly with these disabilities.

“The challenges multiply in recent years have raised the need to increase motivation and emphasize the uniqueness of the array using the external characteristics,” stresses רמ”ד aptitude test.  “The role of the evaluator is a unique role meaningful service experience you bring. This is a challenging role in many ways but also very satisfying.
Provides tools for down the road, “she said.

The recruits today, carefully selected according to high data and sorts, exacting a training process for four months, combining practical experience and recognition of various military systems with relevant professional studies in psychology and other subjects.

Translated from Hebrew