The “Samaria” onto helicopters and thwarted terror

צילום: אייל קנטור, דובר צה”ל

In Ephraim incorporated reserve force operational with the practice of heating between Judea hills, “the most challenging task of optimal resource utilization.”

תאריך: 01/05/2013, 12:41    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The reserve battalion fighters “the territories” remember last operational employment as particularly challenging: last week, along with the cows right hinges extra-curricular, day fighters on helicopters for special training and nocturnal of foiling terrorism in one of the villages in Ephraim.

“The Brigade Ephraim busy in action against terrorism through arrests,
Safety and protection of labor and communities, through regular and reserve units, “said the IDF site h Ephraim, Colonel ran Kahane. The regiment lives ease the “Samaria” exceptional warriors Kfir Brigade and familiar cut outright, is a battalion Regiment The brain explained that upon arrival, it was decided to practice full operations started in the routine and emergency power, and continue practicing a harvester operations
To the task. “The maturity and experience of warriors in this type of activity is a crucial part of the success of the operational model, stressed.


The “Samaria” onto helicopters and thwarted terror

“Beginning with the model fly regiment fighters in collaboration with helicopter gunships squadron to leave sector With the fighters carried out their landing foot traffic to make targeted terrorism in the country, “said Colonel Kahane. The activity was also attended by rider fighters, bomb squad, bomb squad, and observations of a regiment “Bud”.
“We got them homes received intelligence and we ran some searches houses casings of various weapons collected and transferred to the investigative pieces relating”, said the Colonel happy Kahane added that through the deployment of the observation measures succeeded in helping sky racer to go into hiding with him found other means.

“I used the edge of the reserve. in sector”

Meanwhile, Colonel Meir Kahane said that “this activity is highly challenging and bringing to the fore the tip of what is required of a reserve battalion in sector. The affects on the sector as the partisans come to Greece from numerous reserve reporting very high percentages. In addition, it ruled that brain activity made the regiment fighters contributed significant operational contribution to the sector.

The “Samaria” onto helicopters and thwarted terror

Mattis said that helicopter RAID activity is not uncommon for these powers, but requires from the
Reserves. “The battalion that can participate in an activity with a surprise factor, which is a service we need to keep it,” said Col. Kahane, said that thanks to this cooperation with the squadron.

“We are in an era of downsizing, not just forms and limitations”, said Colonel Kahane. “We were looking for an opportunity to work within the resources we have on operational employment and saved them. The bone marrow that makes Division operational side-operated in the country where it was necessary to perform operational and managed the Division by zero resources to get power, to practice it with helicopters and foot traffic. “This is no small achievement,” Mattis said.

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