The sites expose, destroy: that attacking the engineering forces terror tunnels

צילום: דובר צה”ל

From discovery to blast-engineering forces accompanied all action steps • we discover the shaft using engineering intelligence, revealing the tunnel, drilling and explosives. “

תאריך: 31/07/2014, 15:38    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

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From discovery to blast, work of engineering troops attached
Operating in the Gaza Strip is critical to the success of the operational activities related to the terrorist attacks. “Now we find out through the intelligence, discover the tunnel, drilling it and explosives,” Deputy company commander in battalion reserve engineering, Captain (Ret) Roy.

When it comes to dealing with tunnels, the work is complex, and requires synchronization and collaboration
With many other powers, special attention and many tests. רס”ל (Ret.), Sergeant in the battalion, joined this week along with a team of ten fighters to force composed of soldiers from Glenn and armor. Mission: tunnel shaft explosion found in the House, where also revealed extensive weaponry. “The forces we had joined Shell and helped us while we used explosives and blew the tunnel, reconstructed רס”ל (RES).

The sites expose, destroy: that attacking the engineering forces terror tunnels

Recent activity in the area of Khan Younis, the enemy left and also the civilian population. “Apparently the village was a stronghold of Hamas, where weaponry and many rivers, some of which attack operations – that comes over the wire and are not intended for use in their internal logistical aspect”, said Alex רס”ל.
“The feeling is that of an abandoned ghost town, everything.”

Many of the houses where the troops have encountered were booby-trapped,
And power having Hummel. Therefore, for safety reasons each step done carefully. “When you find a tunnel shaft is scanned to make sure that no enemy can sneak our troops, and to check the shaft itself is not rigged”, Alex רס”ל. “Then we treat the tunnel with explosives and detonate it.

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