The soldiers returning back to army medical


On 1 November, separated by tens of thousands of serving in Carrière and Tel Hashomer, the hospital funds. Alongside new clinics at Tel Hashomer and Carrière, medical corps kick off also summons online hotline for soldiers

תאריך: 02/04/2014, 18:06    
מחבר: רוני צידון, ”במחנה“

Soldiers and men in permanent career base, Tel Hashomer and bases in the center of the country views, return to military medical services from 1 November, after outsourcing contract. Some 30,000 soldiers treated at the clinic at Tel Hashomer and renovated clinic
That is under construction and expected to open in mid July career.

The clinics operate according to standard military standard today throughout the country, improved significantly since outsourcing exit in 2011. “We are aware that the required troops and received good medical service health and civilian us challenge to get them back into the military medical system and give them proper medical attention,” said Chief health services Chief Medical Officer, Colonel Dr. Salman Zarka. “Three years ago the standard was less good, especially because I was a shortage of therapists, and medical corps has no intention to return to that State”.

Even in the most popular base back to new taoiish by clinic staff of about 100, including primary medical practitioners, family medicine specialists, nurses, pharmacists, and paramedics. The clinic will operate additional experts to give an answer in orthopedics, Neurology, Gynecology and skin, so the soldier can reach women and career physician required to travel to a clinic in tzrifin. Additional expert services will be examined according to demand and to Bush in front of the servants.

Also, open instead of a laboratory and a pharmacy and dentistry and mental health medicine, which remain under the responsibility of the army during a visit. As part of the pilot,
Several hundred servants pioneers return to military medicine before November.

The summons process is expected to upgrade lines, to allow soldiers and set an appointment quick and effective way, with minimal waiting. The new clinics and clinics more military bases and front end, enter
By the end of 2014 appointment system online, as well as advanced systems for appointments by phone.

Inside the clinic would be a position in which the soldier is able to transfer its insurance to be
In the system, so you know when turn. Queue management system runs on all major clinics
The IDF, as part of a move to improve service for soldiers. Even the call of medical corps, “Kol halev”, inaugurated last year, will be available to the server space.

Medical Corps began to return to military medicine at the end of 2013, as part of planning for 2014. The main reason for termination “project is the conclusion of a contract with the HMO and the improvement in handling.

Translated from Hebrew