The squadron promotes religious giosen of the army

Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel met with Nashi, religious education network the largest in the country, in order to expand girls ‘ religious giosen. “the IDF manpower quality, need,” explained

תאריך: 16/12/2013, 15:58    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

Women’s Affairs Advisor, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel, met at the end of
Last week with אמי”ת organization, religious education network the largest in Israel, please expand the cooperation between the IDF and the religious olpanot, in order to encourage girls ‘ religious giosen.

“Olpanot activities will enable us to reach the religious audience we want to reach them because it’s a quality the military manpower needs, and in particular girls.
אמי”ת, because these baolpanot very serious emphasis on technology. Girls who can fit into the IDF’s technology is something that we’re looking for, “explained Brig. Gen. TEVET-Wiesel.

Many olpanot do not allow representatives and mission to reach schools and explain
To build on Squadron giosen the army and criticized this reality. “The current situation prevents the army to explain himself to those girls that don’t know their options, the benefit is granted in many areas and service where they can serve,” Squadron said.

However, religious girls tailoring is on the rise, and women’s Affairs Advisor considers the trend to internal changes made in order to ease their integration within the military. “My goal is more thashpna to join option, open positions in them and more joined the army,” the Squadron “continued beyond what’s important to me in these encounters is that those girls perform roles they better figure it out and correct. If any team without that appreciate what she does is not worth anything. “

Translated from Hebrew