“The squadron soon another Legion Headquarters”

לוחמות איסוף קרבי. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Women’s Affairs Advisor visited the battalion collecting figures from John • is referred to the committees scrutinizing an exhaustive combination of fighters and said:
“The only ones who did it win, big.”

תאריך: 15/01/2014, 13:31    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

שירות נשים
איסוף קרבי

A few days after the announcement of appointment the headquarters combat first collection
Visited women’s Affairs Advisor, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel, a regiment with him.
Lt. Col. happy Baker, at the gathering. “The aim of the visit is to see the integration
Women in the profession of arms significantly and equal, “said the squadron with the IDF site.” it’s not surprising that a combat intelligence collection Corps have c because it applies first allowing women to advance. Soon there will be more troops and headquarters worthy candidates, “stressed Brigadier General tzchna Weisel.

The squadron began with a visit to the army battalion, the only battalion comprising company
Warriors including only women. The mere fact of gender company, opened the door to many religious girls go to combat role, and today nearly a quarter of the women religious
Includes symbolic religious class. “It’s the only place they can go to” warfare role told the company headquarters, Captain ben shimol fall.

“The squadron soon another Legion Headquarters”

The squadron during the tour. “Women is less complicated than I do him.” Photo: Lisa peer, GoC army headquarters

The Warriors also don’t suffer from, and to progress in the chain of command and paved with roles. “Most of the Regiment is feminine and includes warriors and ttzpithnit,” said the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Erez. “There is a thought to open the ride and the balloons, and a shortage of fighters is definitely an option to get more girls.”
Later in the visit came from Brig. Gen. TEVET-Wiesel to bisala, there are fighters collecting the basic training and their training. The company had previously been warriors in boot camp, whereas today they are combined as a class in the company.

With the changes in the various sectors, Commander Colonel foster levy, a partner at women more in the future.
“The security is constantly changing, Gaza is different today than two months ago and front pillar and should adapt to the changing aspects”, explained. “Over time, as you will have more greater potential warriors by warriors. No problem we will combat any of amarchim – it’s just a matter of organization.

“It was one of the most significant mine visits, Brigadier General-Wiesel returned bonus. “What business actually is, what the army of today, and you understood a long time ago. Women is less complicated than I do him. ” She is currently working on the arm and in the Navy on studying how committees can be to schedule more women in combat roles and better human resources. “The only ones who did it before you have earned. Not just the first Majles of combat, information gathering to give her land to grow it.

Translated from Hebrew