The Valley’s military doctors treated a number of record on Saturday.

Among others rescued wounded troops four cars went to Wadi, were evacuated to hospital by helicopter, “treat Israelis and Palestinians without distinction.”

תאריך: 02/03/2014, 20:23    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

בקעת הירדן
פיקוד המרכז

The goal of medicine is required to address several height of more than 10 emergencies during the weekend, including accident near the checkpoint gitit.
The number of cases is unusual even Rabbi regarding the Jordan region rife with accidents where expected to take medicine one day.

The Valley’s military doctors treated a number of record on Saturday.

The accident injured four people, including a baby slept in years, woman and man in serious condition and a man in easy mode. The injured were evacuated by helicopter and the baby by 669 to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. All the events were conducted by regimental medical officer of Valley, Lt. Moran gershoni, employed by both the forces that participated in the rescue and evacuation efforts. “The injured were residents of the area, their car overturned as a result of speeding,” told the site. “it was a very difficult rescue because the car plunge into the Valley, and we had to rescue my feet on stretchers.
We arrived at the accident scene within 10 minutes and made life-saving procedures on the ground, “she added.

The accident was the culmination of difficult Saturday for the def (ICU Thebes) and corporations (laughing stock picking station *, who started the day at 3 a.m.
When called to help a tourist event that Austria had a citizen noticed the area Kalia. After performing CPR to determine the complex. That night the def enough to save the life of a wheel which had Lung edema, and three injured as a result of the stabbing incident in which TERI ranks – was just the beginning. “Later that day, reports on two bikers got rear-ended in a flock of sheep crossing the road.
And injured “, Lieutenant gershoni. “After that, during a tour of the sector, we got a report of a child with a head injury who came to ג’יפטליק village the regiment with his father.

The Valley’s military doctors treated a number of record on Saturday.

According to Lieutenant gershoni, the array function in a pattern given the load events.
“The quality that even military force was able to follow him in the accident foor, emphasized. “They were on their feet from three o’clock in the morning, and continue to give quality care, just like the first day. We treat everyone without differences, whether Israeli or Palestinian.

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