The war on the home front strength

אל”ם בארי. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Southern District Commander in command, Colonel Roy Barry, personal column to citizens of the State of Israel: “given the situation grows, the immensely important strength.”

תאריך: 30/09/2014, 10:44    
מחבר: מח”ז דרום, אל”ם רועי בארי

פיקוד העורף

Fighting the way athletes. This brief message lies a profound meaning, argues the obvious-what is done in the same, and vice versa. The message that I tried to convey in fighting over the past year in my personal meetings as Commander of the Southern District of the HFC.

As Commander of a fighter throughout years of army service, grew up on a message loud and clear.
When I got my job in the home front command, was clear beyond any doubt that the message is relevant also to the civil sphere, in an era in which the enemy is gearing up a steep track arms and neck and front is for all intents and purposes. David Ben-Gurion was quoted saying: “all the people, and the land front.

True, there is concern in such a belligerent message forwarding to authorities, ministries and other civilian bodies, but in the South, the area experienced with short and long debates, that message gets and so much above the root. The result saw during operation “Cliff”.

My personal experience of operation “Cliff” differs from the war experience and previous operations which took part during the military service, all due to the fact that the rear long ago.
Turned to front. Days of activity next to each province, each with a main figure and various authorities day and night in order to support, to accompany and assist and stand on protecting the residents of the South.

You, citizens of the State of Israel, I want to say that I’m surprised at the function. I’m not surprised that demonstrate strength hosen and, since it is the result of many preparations were made in the procedure and led to high readiness. The Israeli resilience has been tested before, and directly and indirectly affected by the fighting.

Hamas was surprised in cliff “actions and information that was carried by the IDF, but the most notable surprise was the resilience and strength of the nape. Hamas was convinced he would win the propaganda front, but the back turned out to be unified and strong. The company has a robust, supported shgivata and allow the State and the army to act.

The ability to carry on daily life (although not regularly and natural), while providing a professional to do events that befell us, is a direct result of her honesty system carried out routinely and implemented during emergencies.

We need that strength and steadfastness, strength and length of the space.
The State of Israel seeks short systems, but given a situation where the campaign grows, the strength
Immensely important. During operation “Cliff” was important for strength against Hamas, but also is important in front of those onlookers and examine the behavior and the conduct of the Israeli home front in battle and confrontation.

Those watching from the North Lebanon border or third cycle, based on an operational concept that holds that the Israeli home front is weak and fragile. Operation cliff “reality revealed the opposite, that undermined the concept and probably caused the enemy to have a rethinking.

Translated from Hebrew