The Warriors assembled to discuss family life alongside husband Kirby

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The project examines how a blend of family life to the husband’s combat service. אכ”א: control head cannot grow and influence without neck supports home

תאריך: 09/12/2013, 09:20    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

While IDF commanders in the field are engaged in national security, the soldiers every day and House on weekends, women are facing many challenges. While the combat officers are holding the Warrior and the Avenue
The firm that built the entire army there are many women who hold them. They are coping alone with life and raising children, while the Warrior is.

Today (Monday) was the third time a conference intended for married women, to combat officers, from the company commander’s wife to wife of the Division Commander.
The project, which began earlier this year, the center every several months women Symposium featuring lectures and groups.

The Conference came as 900 women, it was head of personnel, Maj. Gen. Ali love.
“I debated between myself, what I most identify with being first lady also, or in some other context-my angle as an army. I look at this madness called military service very challenging, and I make the connection between the two hemispheres with me.
And understand this complex story, “אכ”א “head went in and in the statistics has the ‘ Warrior ‘, but I believe in the years ה’משפחה the fighter concept. I don’t know a control that can grow, contribute and influence the long-necked shaorf is not supported. This will give real heroines “, said a love for women.

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The first Conference was on the front of the next highest ranking officer and Chief at both OC’s wife, who is one of the creators of the project in its present form. The meetings are a product of “the Warrior and his family” that aims to enable better integration of military life with standard life. “The idea of supporting families because no Warrior Commander comes home, which affects lifestyles of
The entire family. It is on the ground, sometimes returning home once every two weeks, and a young soldier but a family “, explains רמ”ד rights and in particular Division (in charge of the meetings), major foreign fund spring.

Living in a family where the husband is a non-combat, as Greece whose important and significant external factors affected and can be adjusted to family life. “We’re always looking at army first and foremost on the needs of the army. Military needs, as in the past, affected by first analyzing the threats and realisation that we mmxmym the human advantage,
אכ”א head stressed.

She said the set is a command line, which aims to keep the IDF, and be prepared to train professional soldiers too regular change of recycling and the reserves. “I have no doubt that it is not always that meeting against other needs, and often there is friction. Key military guys to win this war and to have the best people “claiming a love. “Give very significant target group, and you allow this to happen. I have a huge appreciation to you, talk.

Translated from Hebrew