There’s a new tool in history: the IDF speaks of 65 years in hteimlein updated on Facebook

The IDF launched a historic tiimlin listed on the official Facebook page of the IDF, which presents a chronological description of operational events and moments in the history of the IDF

תאריך: 31/05/2013, 13:08    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Bring all of our history to the IDF spokesman Facebook launched today hteimlein (timeline) the detailed, comprehensive history and major events official IDF history as part of his Facebook page.

The tiimlin lasted for a year of collaboration between the interactive media sector IDF History Department, providing a chronological description of the operations, the wars and the great moments that have shaped the history of the IDF and the State
As well as the current character: the war of independence, through targeted Abu Jihad until the liberation
Gilad Shalit.

“The more historic information on social network allows the audience wasn’t open history to reach it comfortably,” explained head the Operations Directorate, Lieutenant Colonel Gideon Ahmed. “We see that importance and continue to follow this line of thinking.

Meanwhile, the IDF’s birthday, Facebook publishes several statuses in the spirit of the times past events, to complete the picture. Also, next week will be launched wide-scale project and unprecedented historical event recovery.

Translated from Hebrew