Third generation fighters: fighters continue to influence the Nazis about the image of the IDF

משלחת צה”ל לפולין. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Turn fought Nazis and participated in the founding of the IDF, now carrying the torch for their grandchildren: a conversation about memories, insights and paving the way

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מחבר: שחר רופין ויעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

“During World War II the British army volunteered for about 30,000 men and women from Israel, Jewish Israel and served in the air, land and sea, all troops and all. One thing is known, the experience and the knowledge required to establish, manage and operate regular army (the IDF) to fight regulars – those “known wrote life and scoob, רמטכ”ל, and his friend Meir sows, the OC.

However, these were only 30000 even Jews who took part in the hostilities semicolon within 1.5 million fighters, approximate estimate. Jews were everywhere, whether
Within the underground military or partisan, whether alone or in classes that separatist communities began among non-Jewish soldiers. They came from all corners of the globe – from service in the Red Army and the Polish underground army, South Africa, India, Brazil and China. Then
Many of them immigrated, or sit, and participated in the war of independence. They participated in the establishment of the IDF and contributed their combat experience and accumulated knowledge.

But their influence on the IDF not expired with the release, and hands not ceased to indirectly pave the path. Many of their descendants are today on military lines, carrying memories and insights of grandparents on their knees raised. The stories you told a joke at the dinner table, or whisper in the night, they translate the decisions and emotions involved in service today. No one does when they step in the range, or miss home – they are listed in Grandpa or Grandma, and continue efforts in March.

An intelligence officer, מ”הנוקמים” school for spies

To sorties of spy Mordechai gihon, so shzachl the enemy of the Nazis, met in the Jewish brigade commanders only when he returned them-Camo seasoned and fevered brain intelligence information. Later, her flame of intelligence initiative, was inflamed by the Germans in, grew up and out of the duct up in ranks and eventually founded the school for spies and Research Department. He was released.
With the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, then Brigadier General rank akbila, Deputy Prime Minister and the Commander in charge. Grandsons served in the IDF, three of them in the intelligence Corps, grandson Segev elite track Navy, Buckthorn was in command, and one of them, Sergeant j, a classifier role server has intelligence ties. “He served in many of intelligence
And blends in the unit, brigade Avengers the Nazis, and the IDF, “added grandson Buckthorn.

Eshhar said for his part of the retaliation acts grandfather the Nazis discovered only in the last few years,
When the story was revealed in full. “He was intelligence officer,” explained. His grandchildren are evidence that the intelligence man, he didn’t tell much, and little known them firsthand. But it is known that Gijon and his friends were collecting intelligence on Nazis, under the noses of the British, relying on partisans and leaks from world powers. They were German soldiers and investigators capture them. Sometimes these inquiries yielded a changing and information about Nazis. After gathering information, were arrested the Nazi military police uniforms, and held eventual field trial was a death sentence. It is estimated that killed tens
Hundreds of Nazis.

Third generation fighters: fighters continue to influence the Nazis about the image of the IDF

Buckthorn with his grandfather, Mordecai gichon. Photo: private collection

“I felt that my grandfather’s bmorshtho, and the family in General was
Encouragement of creeps in the role. So even with 72 profile had important fight, and shtbtzati in the home front command, “testified Buckthorn Gijon. “There were moments, when I had a very hard, so I thought what Grandpa was saying, was grandfather of the horrible wars in the world. I realized I can’t complain and it gave me motivation, “said. He said that he used to edit with his comparisons to the British army. “The SEC.
My grades icon on the shoulder, because steps Brigade appeared. He also told me to wear them, like me, were the shoulders, “Starcher recalled with a smile. “I thought of him.
During the service. Me and the other grandchildren his grandfather proud. “

Sergeant, serving in the classifier role, spoke about his grandfather because
“He was always a man of intelligence, he’s got that passion, the secrecy and composure,” testified. The role also involves exposure to intelligence information, and that he experiences the principle studied his grandfather. “as you know, the more you want to know more, but as you know – the better,” he explained. The role of Sergeant j. takes responsibility for the lives of soldiers. “I have to make decisions on my own. I’m not comparing it to my grandfather, who decided to crawl towards the enemy lines, but I think I can get his example when it comes to taking individual initiative, “said.

A partisan Vilna Ghetto not stopped fighting

רוז’קה ‘s granddaughter Korczak, a leading prtisnity, is corporal, which server Tsachi intelligence Corps. His grandmother, a devout רוז’קה active in Hashomer Hatzair, began operating as part of the nucleus of the revolt in Vilnius; She was a close friend
The well-known leader Abba Kovner, and smooth in the room with Vitka, who later married Kovner. “My grandmother was there at the heart of history — it was present when Kovner read the famous announcer Al go as sheep to the slaughter, and was part of the leadership in the partisan resistance movement, either.” here, said Zahi site.

Tracks the lives of רוז’קה and its members were exceptions and precedents store vouchers
Conventions. Thus, for example, became the first woman and iteca from the ghetto to the partisan obstruction, which is considered to be a dangerous step, Bell, especially to the ghetto. Then, attach רוז’קה and other activists to Soviet partisans in the forests Muna 85, but maintained material gives a group of acshot-partisan, which was also unprecedented.

Third generation fighters: fighters continue to influence the Nazis about the image of the IDF

Trees and railroad, also a feminist victory, רוז’קה shashttepa actively performs the first women partisans participated. Then, after having made aliyah, known as part of the first group of Jews reported
About the horrors of the Holocaust, and passionately in Manama of the wzo in front of Ben Gurion (who gave his response to the famous tzitoto that Yiddish has shrank foreign and irritating ”).

“In the forest, she was Chief for internal affairs, such as the company’s headquarters. Its role was to keep food and clothes that fit her personality, she is always caring for people. Apart from this she also participated in the chrorchim, in real danger, and was responsible for the advancement of women “, said cpl. Zahi.

Third generation fighters: fighters continue to influence the Nazis about the image of the IDF

רוז’קה Korczak. Photo: private collection

Within the kibbutz where lives were partisans, Tsachi makers, many dealing with the memory of the Holocaust. All that was imposed to participate in memory. However, the great ב”צבא he feels increasing personal responsibility that Tsachi. “Always scares me to talk about the bad things they did to us, and I feel I should talk about the interdependencies and moral lessons, my grandmother deal”,
He said the IDF website as she was responsible for internal affairs, I believe it is important that internal affairs also engaged our keep and army values in Israeli society, “explained.

Grandmother’s life also affected the meaning he gives IDF service in the protocols of the Vilna ghetto, Zahi’s grandmother spoke about Jewish as warfare of respects. Her famous quote, “the kid back in the land of Israel: we saved our souls? … There will be no us sources please wrestling of heroism, defense. And out of respect, “recorded in a protocol. “This news item from me in-service whereby the top objective, is that we will have a good place to be, towards the Interior and exterior. We can see in IDF service tool to improve and strengthen our national home. “

“Ran into the Inferno, and chose to go back to.”

When Lt. (Ret.) Abdul Ben Judah stood on ceremonies in which 1 at the end of the course, he cried with excitement that his father’s letter, he wrote that “today,
You’re his successor of “. To say was a multiple significance for Eran, Deputy company commander in the Division rested, his grandfather served as a soldier in the Jewish Brigade during World War II
II. Draw a Wolf was born in Vienna, Austria, he immigrated to Israel in 1938 and settled
In yavne.
“At that time the kibbutz volunteers were sent to the British army, and my grandpa was the only fighter who joined the ranks of” Brigade, said. Although he managed to rise
I wanted before bombing, returned to Europe with bloody Wolf and fought in Italy and North Africa for more than four years, also came to the extermination camps, met with Holocaust where rebels discovered that most of his father’s family died. Congenital short during spring break, in 1944, he married Eva, Eran’s grandmother. After returning from the war, Wolf lived, worked and raised his family in Kibbutz until his death in the 1980s.
Mine didn’t talk about the war, “explained Lieutenant (RES). His father had told him about his grandfather fighting within the Brigade. “Many share the same experiences, to tell about his time in the group, and the war itself,” he explained. Despite the fact that Abdul did not know his grandfather, he had clearly bear the family tradition of contributing to the nation and homeland protection, through his father who was an officer in armor years-will continue. “Even before I knew I was recruiting another link in the chain, which continued with the decision to go to OCs”, said Eran. He was drafted in November 2008 932 Regiment in place where a plant until the last role as Deputy Commander of the detachment of the regiment. Eran was released a year ago, and began active duty service as Commander of the Department. “It was just for me-I always knew when it was the turn of my grandparents, or Palmach Brigade, and now it’s definitely my turn.”

Third generation fighters: fighters continue to influence the Nazis about the image of the IDF

Ze’ev Ben-Yehuda. Photo Archives: private collection

“Fighting within Jewish Brigade during the war.
Really wasn’t self-evident, “explained. “My grandfather and many others fled the Inferno and volunteered to return to, and risked themselves to save Jews,” elaborated, saying that “so, at the time, might have been clearer about what-on the war and the Germans. Today I feel like the border fades, and every soldier knows exactly what
The goal “.

Eran explained however that chose to go Infantry officers course, first of all because its soldiers. “I decided to go to thwart terrorists.
I was looking for the satisfaction of working with soldiers, and when I saw the process of puberty who are fighters – I felt satisfied, “recalled. Eran was not familiar with his Warrior
But he wants to believe that he was proud of the way you choose. “I believe that Grandpa would be proud that I continue the contribution to the protection of the State. I’m not convinced that he was unhappy, but surely he would understand the importance, “concluded.

Translated from Hebrew