This page “” year: go electronic shadows system.

לוחם ל”א בעת מבצע “עמוד ענן”. צילום: אגף התקשוב

A step in the Cyber Warrior, confusion to the enemy ithoco and electronic warfare to secure ground forces: “technological progress is dramatic.”

תאריך: 19/11/2013, 12:29    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

שנה למבצע עמוד ענן
לוחמה אלקטרונית

This page “” year: go electronic shadows system.

During the past year has been set as the first cyber warfare the IDF’s official dimension, in addition to air, sea and land. During operation, the DEA “page was not only a physical space, but also in this dimension.

During operation ‘ pillar ‘ saw members of the cyber defense efforts to increase Israel’s assault and wrongful. “Throughout the operation was worsening of cyber attacks, including a step up on the other side, us very high alert, locate the IDF Chief cyber operations during operation, Lt. Col. a.. “This isn’t necessarily the same fighting them on the ground,” he said, “there are other countries and organizations that would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of their existence.

With the development of technology, the range effect of cyber attacks are growing, and the actual world; Using cyber attacks can cripple the systems are in the middle of major institutions, such as banks or hospitals, and in the middle of the field forces.

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That changed the South.
In the HFC reinforce the alert

Another dimension in which the IDF fought is consciousness – and here comes in electronic warfare battalion (). While many forces positioned themselves in and waiting for the order to enter, the fighters were in front area, also under constant fire פצמ”רים & alerts on the underground tunnels, to perform their role in — using
Their unique measures to disrupt communications capabilities.

“One of our goals is to cause substantial disruption of enemy capabilities, define
This battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel c indicating other related capacities and awareness messages, running emergency Regiment and cannot be other than odotan.

While the battalion fighters accustomed to instantaneous “routine” task, the real mission, satisfying, pillar operation. “With all due respect to our operations during daily operation really felt ahashlcha of what we do is to residents of the South, at least for a while,” says Captain, company commander of the battalion’s operations.

Electronic warfare battalion works, to affect the consciousness of the other side.
However, similar to the Cyber dimension, also electronic warfare were directly on implications
The events on the ground, allowing potential entry are safe ground forces as well as assisting in the prevention of damage to villages.

This page “” year: go electronic shadows system.

C4I soldier when the operation. Photo Archive: teleprocessing

In conversations with those who were in teleprocessing when op costs repeatedly indicates similar – ICT, op, is success, but it is important to remember that only a small part of the proven capabilities of the IDF and held underground activity. If feet were forces initiated a ground maneuver, they argue, the IDF was faced with major challenges in the field, and new capabilities were then gradually and bring terrestrial activity is very different than always been accustomed to it in extensive clashes.

“The technological advances made in recent years section is dramatic for us,” Colonel Boaz as Vienna, who served as head of weapons of teleprocessing during operation. “If there was a logon occurs, the ability
To give a comprehensive picture was much better compared to previous conflicts.

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