This thwarted attack of Hamas ‘ naval commandos

Of airnuta in controlling the Navy prevented an attack, and in collaboration with the leading integrated forces to thwart terrorists. Ashdod Base: we employ all the powers in order to meet the tasks “

תאריך: 07/09/2014, 13:45    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

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This thwarted attack of Hamas ‘ naval commandos

The attack was Israel territory yesterday.
(Tuesday), open operation cliff “in the Gaza Strip. In control (in kg) of the Navy detected in the event a terrorist movement towards regional command post (s), close to the Gaza Strip. The terrorists were trying to infiltrate into Israel through the sea surface and simultaneously opened fire at IDF forces.

The new method worked. “This is unprecedented – never had penetration
From the sea to the beach near the post, told in conversation to IDF website Ashdod base in
Colonel p., sea.  “Our understanding is that they were trying to hit the right purpose. We increased alert following warnings and now we’re raising the level of alert.
Again, “he added. However, he said that this is an isolated event.

In the event that took place last night came two ashore, and were identified by Beck Cedar post within seconds. While that popped up in the sector, the terrorists opened fire at the post. Naval apprentice were part of the forces that popped up to secure our position and returned fire at the guerrillas. Below you will find the other two terrorists were armed with weapons, as well as diving equipment. The terrorists were shot from the air, sea and land – and prevented.

According to Colonel a., motivation to carry out an attack because Hamas is in distress and economic and political isolation, and suffering from undermining his position. “Hamas drags the whole track to cover conflict as” peaceful, explained.

The success of the event has targeted to win the Beck, who performed the
Role of detecting increased alertness. “There was recognition. To attack the basket so complex has a very high personal ability and excellent professional skills, “Colonel p. testified. “Beck accompanied the event from start to finish in her observation, she directs the security tool, the gunships and live forces. All
The naval forces were responsible and our eyes, “he added.

According to the Commander of the base, since operation “pillar” deepens the exact attack capability. “We choose quality more important targets for assault, Colonel p.
Adding that “deepened both the knowledge and techniques live forces cooperation.”

“Beth fighters and Beck work now even more days. We employ all the powers in order to meet, and to improve the security situation in the South, “said Colonel a..

Translated from Hebrew