Thousands of Christians were immersed in Makassar to Tel Aviv to mark the Epiphany holiday

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The holy site was made in concert with Mathers, and coordination with Jordanian forces. The head of the dead “made great efforts to improve the infrastructure and more”

תאריך: 19/01/2014, 15:09    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Over 10,000 believe Christians different members arrived this week to dip in Makassar Al-Yehud Epiphany holiday, which began this week. The main event was held yesterday (Saturday), attended by about 8,000 believe sons of a Greek Orthodox Church, and in the presence of Patriarch theophilos III. The baptism site include al-Yahud is considered the third holiest site for the Christian religion.

In addition, arrived yesterday to dip 2,000 believe the Ethiopian Human and
The aritrith. The Franciscans, which indicate the holiday on January 6th, on the baptismal mass attended by several thousand worshippers earlier this week.

In preparation for the event, met representatives of Matthew (Director of DCL) Jericho with the churches in order to coordinate the arrival of the worshippers. At the same time, there were meetings with the directors of the baptism site on the Jordanian side of the river and the Jordanian army. “To have sensitivity, and important for us to have him respect and allowing freedom of worship for everybody,” said Matthew Commander, Lieutenant Colonel show Falah. “This year there is much more cooperation and awareness regarding baptism site and made a lot of efforts to improve infrastructure and to ensure that the worshippers,” said.

Thousands of Christians were immersed in Makassar to Tel Aviv to mark the Epiphany holiday

Normal days the baptism site include al-Yahud is open to worshipers without advance notice, and over the past year visited approximately -414,000. Due to the sensitivity of the case and the large amount of worshipers, the holiday event held under the security responsibility of the חטמ”ר Valley.

The event, held near the border, holds many challenges in security – including terrorism incident scenario on the Israeli or Jordanian side. Were representatives of foreign forces link, had arranged their moves with the Jordanians, including preparation for destructive attempts and attempts to cross to the other side of the River, the Jordan, אג”ם officer Maj. Shlomi. “The Jordanian side ceremonies are alike, who come to hundreds of worshipers from the Arab, and armed soldiers on both sides of the River, he clarified the officer.

Army forces during the incident remained behind the scenes, when the security envelope.
Shimshon Battalion and Regiment supplied OWL. Israel Police was responsible for public order and directing traffic.

The decline took place in groups of 250 people at a time to avoid concentrations
Of praying that could lead to it’s squishing time.  “Last year was a stress disorder, so this year the police tigbrano and Miss (Special Patrol Unit-4 f) in order to maintain order and regulate traffic,” noted major Fund and concluded that “the incident passed quietly this year.”

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