Three Palestinians Israel destroyed a civilian car were arrested.

הרכב שהושחת. צילום: דוברות מ.צ

The three were arrested thanks to the alertness of security identified signs better Diagnostician.
Suspect and detaining them for an in-depth inspection • two suspects throwing stones causing two civilians and wounds baby arrested

תאריך: 29/08/2014, 16:20    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

משטרה צבאית

Three Palestinians injured this morning (Thursday) at the vehicle of an Israeli citizen were arrested a few minutes later, thanks to the arnuta of the security battalion’s better Diagnostician crossings “packed” subject to military police. The three were arrested after that during a routine inspection in the Ofer checkpoint on 443, detected the suspicious signs with heads better Diagnostician and delayed them for a thorough inspection.

The three expressed opposition to deepening security inspection and tried to implement it, and that a police car arrived at during the event as part of the pursuit of the better Diagnostician link is a link that was previously struck the vehicle of an Israeli citizen, having made
Him to stop his car, smashed the Windows and windshields kicked in to aikomo vehicles. This is not the first time that members of the cell causes harm and scaring civilians traffic on 443, “Battalion Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Gil.

While Israel Police made the arrest of the driver of the vehicle, the checkpoint and hit the three. Also, any comparison of the shoe prints of one of the remaining suspects facing sinking onto a vehicle as a result of injury and match it. Accordingly, the three have been transferred for questioning. “Every day, thousands of vehicles pass through the checkpoint, including cars that have suspicious symptoms is not an easy task,” Lieutenant Colonel. “In this case, identified and warrior did was enter 3 to Jerusalem
And get away with it in the future and repeat the action. In addition, the battalion commander, said that three were arrested as a result of harnot, the determination and persistence of the better Diagnostician.

He said there is tension with the composite Regiment. “If you stop every vehicle will create traffic and hurt the fabric of life, and if you enter without inspection will people who should get in,” he explained. “In this case, based on suspicious symptoms, alertness and professionalism, the soldier seized terrorists.”

The Duvdevan unit arrested two terrorist suspects

During the night of Duvdevan unit forces in conjunction with the SJ district two terrorist suspects in Beit Ummar, five people Southeast of Bethlehem.

Of persons suspected of throwing stones at Israeli vehicles in Beit Ummar the week, wounding two civilians and a baby and overturning cars.

Translated from Hebrew