Three years to the Carmel disaster: the unit expands

טייסת הכיבוי בפעולה. צילומי ארכיון: דובר צה”ל.

Three years after the deadly fire that claimed the lives of 44 people, the squadron was established as part of the lessons of the event increases. Nearly 200 events have already been addressed. Recently returned to Mount Carmel to special training

תאריך: 02/12/2013, 12:37    
מחבר: נדב ברגר, אתר חיל-האוויר

חיל האוויר
טייסת הכיבוי

The fire that broke out on Mt. Carmel three years ago was one of the largest and most difficult in the history of the State of Israel. During the five days is 25 thousand acres were burned and millions of trees, and 44 of the emergency and forces of the country were killed. One of the lessons of that fire was the erection of the aerial firefighting unit, to give an immediate response to any fire that breaks out across the country.

After a half-year process of establishing quick, established a unique base unit Sde Dov,
And since then, it has continued to consolidate its operational abilities magazine. “In previous years
We had about 500 flight hours a year already operational, crossed 800 hours following standard
That summer was, “explains Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Rémy. “I can say with satisfaction that we were able to control about 180, and none became a huge fire, thanks to the arrival of the pilots and firefighters and management of tasks”.

Three years to the Carmel disaster: the unit expands

Two weeks ago, the Jets returned to fire Green Mountain to practice as descriptors. In the coming weeks is expected to aiachnch permanent structure base of the unit. “The structure
A new designed according to our needs, and therefore the adjustment start the level allow to do clerical work effectively, through deep reflection on the location and size of rooms in that calling us better to vaults and warehouses level that we need, “Capt. Omri, Commander of space flight unit. “This place was a temporary home and it was time to move. We got through the unit’s building phase and is now in the stage of puberty and growth. We conduct routine training and allocates according to clear commands exist alongside extensive operational activity, and it can be said that once the new structure to be entered on the permanent solution.

Three years to the Carmel disaster: the unit expands

In the future will continue to expand its operations and will work to prevent fires like the one that has been linked in history. “We plan to develop the capabilities of the aerial firefighting system by purchase of additional aircraft, increasing cooperation with civil organizations, using additional loaded aircrafts and extra hours in readiness to respond to fires.
A lot, “says Lieutenant Colonel Rémy.

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