Training model changes: regular exercise deploy fighters during operational employment.

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The move, part of the budgetary arm ahatiialot the first advantage of the training policy during תע”ם, and maintaining a service by performing routine security activity within

תאריך: 23/04/2014, 09:21    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל


The first IDF GoC army headquarters has allocated millions of dollars for training during employment operational benefit live divisions. The project began this year and is expected to last even 2015. Within this framework, leaving a class or the ozvia week company and practicing nearby on the warring service and frame.

“From the beginning of the year, there is a rigid definition: any company make training week during operational employment,” said the IDF officer’s training site northern command, Lieutenant Colonel Tamir Shalom, which among others training center of the Golani Brigade.  “It makes life easier and to improve the training,” he added.

Previously exist to employment training operations, only in cases of budget balances Division, Division or command. Training are considered for training,
Since no reserve days are included where they mainly include expenses on transport and ammunition. The new funding is part of the answer to the problem with dealing with IDF commanders,
Within the processes that occur in efficiency was recently cancelled the operational employment of the reserve system and decided that they will practice only.

Less reserve recruitment more customized training

Therefore, regular divisions were forced to fill the role of the reserves, which extend the time share devoted to maintaining the security of borders. “תע”ם Division can do for six months, let alone years, without training. The soldiers then, and the basic qualifications also wear out, “testified head (רמ”ד) Northern command training, Captain ido Cantor. “That’s why we encourage and require each company to practice,” said.

Moreover, assignment enables Strategic Commander to redirect the money according to level of service, and who most need a trainee who practice “The assignment increases the level of training. Instead of training will be scheduled from week to week, it is possible to plan it in advance, “the officer commanding training camps.  “We are confident that the increased amount of training”, said Lieutenant Colonel Shalom.

Live divisions received priority in funding, because the rest of the field divisions referred to numerous collaborations within them. “Training of operational employment is a creative solution, but it focuses on the range of the basic trades training to the level
The company. It is not a substitute for serious training, and months preparing for war, “said Lieutenant Colonel Shalom.

Translated from Hebrew