Try daily: intensive care unit in the Valley won’t stop.

They come to deadly scenes of accidents, and residents see them as real medical address remote area-a glimpse of the hard-working Medical Center

תאריך: 01/12/2013, 18:24    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

בקעת הירדן
פיקוד הדרום
נס חנוכה

A month ago a tag (laughing stock picking station) of חטמ”ר (Regional Division) goal against what looks like the biggest accident forces handled
In recent years. It was nighttime, two vehicles collided head-on South of Kalya junction, leaving dead and wounded lying on the road.

The fire and started extracting and providing primary care, while the citizens walking around them. The darkness and the buzz around the event management is difficult. “There was this whole mess”, says קרפ”חית (regimental medical officer) Valley, Lt. Moran gershoni, who heads the def and is responsible for managing all events in the sector. “There were wounded and dead in the road. I stood up and declared that I lead. I asked all the vertices will be sent to me. After receiving status. We divided responsibility between us and started working, “recovers Lieutenant gershoni.

Try daily: intensive care unit in the Valley won’t stop.

The accident left two dead whose deaths set and six injured–two of them in critical condition. One of them, a man with a head injury, teetering between life and death. His vital stats man had died, but the Jordan def identified option to save him and refused to let go. They worked against time, but continued the CPR efforts. “We worked hard on this patient, almost an hour” describes Lieutenant gershoni. “We gave him any drug we had and tried on every procedure, and in the end we managed to revive him and get him to a hospital. Today he’s alive, “she added.

Treat anyone who needs it – soldiers, and Palestinians

This is just one of many miracle that Gentoo unit violated throughout the year. That’s how it is when it comes to the unit which is responsible for providing immediate medical breakthrough – חטמ”ר region spans hundreds of miles away. Gentoo team encountered accidents, wounded and sick as commonplace.

Often he provides them medical response without which were not able to survive in an area where the nearest hospital is often just over 90 minutes.
“We got very broad retirement events that involved where soldiers and civilians, both Israelis and Palestinians,” explains Lieutenant gershoni. “Every week there are at least two or three accidents we pop-ups, and once every three months, accident lists.

A month ago, two fatal accidents occurred within less than 12 hours – at freshman clay II of machola. “The crash was an accident, but the event itself was more organized and in broad daylight. We only had three wounded, including a baby with a head injury who treated her. After it evacuated her by helicopter, told Lt.
Gershoni cooperation event with the laughing stock picking station (תאג”ד).

Try daily: intensive care unit in the Valley won’t stop.

The q of the חטמ”ר Valley has become accessed residents when they need medical care, shbsmoch which is a surface on which can land a helicopter for evacuation of casualties. The Gates Foundation visit residents with all kinds of injuries, and words of Lt.
Gershoni implies the def’s laheli see almost everything.

Sometimes leaves them to treat people their relatives abandoned them in the base’s despair, and the last hope for Gentoo. Once brought here a man who tried to kill himself.
EurepGAP is swallowed, “she says. His family brought him in with a box of material, and immediately realized it was poison and we started to treat him. Warriors from -669 came to get him in a helicopter and rescued him, recovers and Deputy gershuni because “it’s just like a hospital. Last week I got here girl with epilepsy, and her family just dumped her here. She had seizures, but
We were able to revive her.

“I’m going on an empty road without injured – this feeling of happiness.”

The job of a medical breakthrough hatm is difficult and full of challenges.
Mental and physical. Gentoo team consisting of a paramedic and two paramedics, and constant alertness is required. Lieutenant Moran gershoni not drifting even mobile to another.
One, and during her lunch she receives reports of wounded and sick soldiers admire the care.

Daily work is often plays the role of connecting link between IDF troops and the Palestinian Red Crescent. In cases where it is necessary to arrive at the scene of the accident and to undertake the management of event-it must also work def and civilian medical services, sometimes in difficult decisions.  “I need to know how to make the division between the teams attention,” she says. “To be able to tell everyone where to go – so that we can take care of a few injured. I also have to be able to waive injured has no chance to survive, “she admits, and emphasizes that” it is difficult and sometimes hard for me to sleep at night knowing that I gave him. However, there are job satisfaction.
Close “.

Accidents which happen frequently, and a variety of other sector events cause sleep hours of regimental medical system are few. The agenda is packed and full of mirrors, but it seems that this is a thrill for them than it
Through attrition. “Once we get the stomach begins to seize”, says Lieutenant gershoni.
“It’s exciting, feel that going to save lives,” she stresses.

Upon receipt of a report of the incident, ACU staff leaves military, and decide how to act while moving. “No time to think about space, running like a robot”
Says Deputy gershoni.  “After I turned all the injured, is no more empty road no one in this space a feeling of happiness. Is to know we saved lives and go to bed with satisfaction, a feeling that I did something good. “

Translated from Hebrew