Twenty years in the desert.

לוחמי הגדס”ר בתרגיל. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Geddes celebrated 20 years in the desert this week, in a salute to the command and control or | | General Security “comes from the power of unified company.”

תאריך: 29/10/2014, 12:00    
מחבר: נטע לוי, אתר צה”ל

בדואים בצה”ל

The evening of the desert patrol battalion took place the day before yesterday by the Commander Southern command, General Shlomo (Sammy) and Gaza Division 9, Brig. Gen. and Adam.
The event was held to mark 20 years of the regiment. “Peace will not come from a place of weakness,” said Gen. turgeman. “Peace would bring security, and is in my eyes not only the tank, the plane or the Warrior. Confidence is a unified company. “

The event was attended by officers and soldiers, all members of Bedouin IDF units, as well as
The dignitary, Sheikh and teenagers standing before voluntary recruitment into the army. “Combining the populations is we proud and blessed it,” added the Commander. “This promise should be expressed, inter alia, at promoting living conditions of serving and helping them after raiding the swastika”.

“I hope that more and more teenagers will find in these service a way of life,” said
Gaza Division Commander, Brig. Gen. and Adam. “Geddes always standing at the forefront of the campaign, at the head of the force. Gaza Division is proud to be your home.

According to the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Zahavi Rahal, in recent years there has been a constant increase in the number of Bedouin recruits the army battalion “creates a unique encounter between the Bedouin population to other populations in the country,” he explained.

Translated from Hebrew