Two IDF soldiers killed in Gaza Strip as operational activities; 11 soldiers were injured.

צילום: צילום מסך

Within the framework of operational activities in the Gaza Strip killed a maple icon destroyed, 20, Nahariya, and destruction of a 45-year-old Amos Greenberg, HoD Hasharon • during day 11 soldiers wounded during operational effort

תאריך: 19/07/2014, 19:24    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Symbol maple in destroyed, 20, Nahariya, and Captain (Res.) Amos Greenberg died today when a run-in with terrorists who infiltrated into Israel territory.

Coat of arms of destroyed was a rank of corporal to Sergeant posthumously.

Eleven soldiers were wounded during the day, during the operational activities in the Gaza Strip, as part of operation “Cliff”: two IDF officers were injured critically, and three officers and one soldier.
Injured. An IDF officer and five soldiers injured.

Messages delivered to their families.

Translated from Hebrew