Under the name Judea: Kfir fighters conducted a helicopter RAID operations in Judea

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Instead of the traditional end-of-travel itinerary, select the regiment Samson to give fighters Warrior mask after operation mossek above name Hebron. Objective: identifying terrorists, weapons and

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The company’s route from Samson is already accustomed to rural landscapes in Judea and Samaria, particularly to the city of Hebron, where they caught a line. This month.
They were to look at them, for most of them the first time. Eyes tired but excited soldiers: FIR houses them enter minutes to thwart terrorism, as every night. The helicopters flew through the wadis and profound of Judea, ה’ינשוף shbbten ‘ end of quiet excitement before the forthcoming major operation.

“The Regiment will protect the settlements and the roads in Lebanon, will thwart and obstruct any hostile terrorist activity and will enforce law and order” on the same bearing on the presentation that explain in detail on the operation, and fighters back to August 2012, after four months of intense activity, especially in Hebron, understand this well. This time they are doing this in cooperation with “desert birds Squadron”, a “Stinger” Sky Rider, combined intelligence forces deployed on the ground. The village is a small village will really named Hirbat Estes, and from several of the six teams that each team there are two locations, which will arrive after climbing “light” 6 miles up the mountains of Judea and Samaria.

“Our goal is find and search and weaponry,” explains fighters briefing the company commander, Capt. David utilities. “Only a year ago was in serious terrorist cell area in the past, so our task tonight is significant”.

At the end of the operation, the fighters will wear finally the coveted Warrior mask. The company track fighters are to receive the Warrior mask after a long journey of miles, but Moonlight Samson “battalion chose to give the mask a little differently, and combined with the traditional ceremony and journey with the stove brigades.

“The heated activities can overwhelm intelligence”

Seven minutes had passed since fürstenfeldbruck on the ground outside the Brigade, picked away until teams landed in the heart of Wadi desolate.
The Valley, the battalion commanders, plays, although the silence oblivion.
“But the most important task that we make in our village, hiking in Wadi has an essence. Until
Just make it a terrorist target practice, and it is very important that we make it movement and obstruction if necessary, clarifies the battalion commander Lt. Col. Dotan Samson, Rovner. On-going space by teams when command Deputy company commander close behind, in the hard-throwing occurred this morning in the sector, and many who carried out arrests in recent months, just before they leave the sector, this time to the North.

After well over warmer waters climbing uphill, the warriors still, Mufti, and dispersed by the sightings. Meanwhile deployed the troops and tour Department used Humvees, while tour of mortars was responsible for shooting flares from the village. Meanwhile several regimental operations officer, Maj. Uncle Al that this operation was considered unique to the sector, and of crucial importance for company.
“In addition to the current operation are made three more arrests of various battalions,” says battalion operations officer. Other battalions step up track not perform operations of this magnitude. It is important that the task would be good, and it’s very important to Regiment Greece it can overwhelm intelligence and I am convinced of its success.

Indeed, he was not convinced the XO in the success of the operation. In the beginning, “said the former fighters because the next time to meet at the ceremony, and within a few hours, completed before dawn, their mission and left the village in him alone with him. “Such activity is essential for the Warriors, presumably the last Greece on the same breathing space in a problematic area operational, which eventually can cause Burnout,” stressed. “we take them to a special activity somewhat too airy and contributes greatly.

While marching toward the Warriors, the Sun begins to shine gradually. Considerable fatigue lines on their faces after a long night, and the next event excited expression Fully deployed desktop., while flags of the regiment parade as thunderous posed by Hebron. The Warriors can breathe a sigh of relief, wipe the sweat, and reaching hands for sliver pin from her superiors made.

“During the night saw sharp, professional warriors and vigilant, who understand their mission and prepared for fighters” scenario, Lieutenant Colonel Rovner. “Choice to be fighters Zion worthy Shimshon Battalion and full appreciation. To be a battalion means challenges mental and physical isn’t easy, which is not self-evident, and you’re standing here today in a show of determination and professionalism and given you the Warrior mask this morning, he said. “As Commander of the Regiment, I feel total confidence to impose upon you any task
And complex risks, knowing that the mission fully and professionally.
He said – not yet defense job. “Cut the Jewish settlement in Hebron and are challenging, dangerous and delicious, and it is important to maintain the operational voltage up to II
The last “.

Translated from Hebrew