Underground medicine: Rambam hospital practice dealing with an emergency.

התרגיל. צילום: פיקוד העורף

Home front command value in Haifa that exercise dealing with missile test, in which we look at the hospital in Haifa with its protected space underground.

תאריך: 24/04/2014, 15:21    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל


For the first time since its founding, past the underground hospital, Haifa’s Rambam hospital facing emergency exercise. The exercise is designed to test the readiness of hospital to cope with shooting missiles, and the ability to transfer entire departments of the hospital to hospital routine reactive which is underground — all under fire. “Underground hospital from physical and psychological protection for patients. They know they are in a secure location so that another injury concern them, “said the head of the hospital preparedness, Lieutenant Colonel Tali fought.

The idea of underground hospital Rambam began to shape crust more in 2009.
Since completion two more hospitals like this one throughout Israel, Nahariya and Tel Aviv.
Such centers are in daily parking for vehicles when emergency vehicles facing the parking lot. Within a short period of time once the declaring the emergency activation of
Hospital parking lot transformed into a hospital which functions regularly.

Rambam hospital, able to activate all the medical services it offers underground: when you need thousands of beds to go to underground complex without threat to injury. Using an underground passage built to enable such emergencies.

In addition, the hospital is also protected against the threat of ballistic missile and chemical threat. According to Lieutenant Colonel, he could provide an answer to all the northern region. “If people damaged the northern façade in everybody’s treated rather than protected. In conclusion, today signed the exercise successfully, when the hospital stood in that task, though the constant of the complex converted to occur in real-time.

Translated from Hebrew