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התרגיל, שבוע שעבר. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The drill took place as part of an International Conference on medicine and rescue in emergencies and disasters, and Dima plane crash. Front command: Commander “centralized” shilobies is

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מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

חילוץ והצלה

Thick smoke rising into the air and the Earth tremble under the feet of the spectators, not knowing what to expect. Many of them came from various countries of the world, and look
Surprised when the event begins. Those witnesses to a helicopter crash, and the show begins. Megaphone calls everyone “who can go on the trees, heard repeatedly over the screams of pain and requests the help of” casualties “. Smell burned mixes in the ugliness of siren voices when help comes into place.

The plane crash, and large-scale exercise involving dozens of military and civilian forces, took place last week at the air force base in Lod, as the end of the week that IPRED The Conference is an annual international event, which deals with medical and rescue in emergencies and disasters, this year hosted by Israel under the tutelage of the HFC.

This exercise, called “mega אר”ן “(casualty), held in front of dozens of participants. Took part in the Israel police forces, Magen David Adom and firefighter, home front command and medical corps. Also, the air force also participated in the exercise as part of
Extracting mossek, it ran a power of 669 rescue unit of the air force.

Stinger unit soldiers and dogs took part in the rescue. “This exercise brings to the fore
The capabilities of the preparation routine and emergency readiness, “the home front command Chief, Maj. Gen. Eyal eizenberg. “It underscores the importance of command and control and leadership locally, which is also the main challenge at this type of event. Also, the shilobies is “centers, he added.

Deep collaboration between the bodies in an emergency

From a distance, the scene looks as Kane “-dozens of uniformed rescue the various forces moving hither and thither, trying to evacuate the wounded scattered mass
For a trip. Among the broken plane parts trapped an unknown number of casualties and heavy tools come in. The siren voices don’t find the join now the sawing and drilling concrete sounds. Stinger unit soldiers join the crowded arena, and dogs to search the rubble for survivors.

EMTs and paramedics are required to treat survivors of the crash at the scene, and only the wounded. About sound requests to bring dozens of ambulances to the scene, and the drivers and 4 face dilemma-whether to get another evacuation ambulance, or go with the injured to hospitals further afield, where there is more room for dozens of evacuees? New voices sound loud because the sky and rescue helicopter went to the scene. The wounded from the foxes quickly into the helicopter, and he quickly took back.

The entire scene is accompanied by giant screens showing the decisions taken at the same time out
The scene at all. Real-time photos are also leaving, thus
The bleeding lesion, which is out of the ring by the Warrior battalion and rescue Smith, looked well despite the distance, the smoke and the many events that occur simultaneously.

“The exercise is an example of the cooperation have system of health in Israel, expressed in a manner more intensive emergency, told IDF officer website
The main general medical Professor Isaac Kreis. “Nobody can handle this event alone. Cooperation between the bodies here is truly an example for the whole world, “he concluded.

Translated from Hebrew