During the Passover holiday will instead of demonstrations and activities of various police units, including the bomb robot demonstration and Israel stramshtert dogs invites you to a unique experience during Chol hamoed: new Heritage House, past, present and future. At a heritage display rare historical, heritage films and multimedia motzgi.

During the holiday will also place demos and sessions of various police units. Program: Heritage House Tour displays, type puzzle, robot demonstration, a police dog demonstration, self-defense demonstrations, demos, forensics, police helicopter demo, story time-heritage films, screening measures used by Israel Police: trauma, forensics, and more.

The activity will take place during Chol hamoed:
Sunday-9:00 24.4
Mon-Tue, 25-14:00-15:00
Wednesday, 9:00 27.4

Address: Heritage House, Israel Police National Police College, the industrial zone of Beit Shemesh. For more information – please contact the Facebook page of the Israel Police heritage or email moreshet@police.gov.il. Admission is free for free.

Translated from Hebrew