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רס”ן כהן עם אחד מהילדים איתם הוא מתנדב. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Major Cohen, an entity outstanding officer took the extraordinary love for Lego and harnessed it to special children with cancer

תאריך: 05/07/2013, 15:57    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Built in non-foreign areas for soldiers, and they encounter them in exercises and security activities. However, one officer in the IDF encountered in some of those subscribers made of Legos rather than concrete. Major Cohen, who served in the Adjutant Corps and is now on a break to study, has a special love for the game with blocks
Colored plastic construction, and uses it to contribute to the community in a unique way. “Before quitting school to renew my love Lego,” he says.

These days, major Cohen is a Middle Eastern studies and political science, and last semester was crowned as a performer. At the same time, he also was important to engage on a voluntary basis, and that you combine LEGO. “I wanted to contribute some quantities of LEGO that had
As a compulsive collector, had quantities of new packages, “he says. His love for LEGO pursues many years back, until the age of three. “LEGO is my best friend since the age of three, when I got the first set my mom bought me,” explains major Cohen.

Three curious kids-20

The school organizes major Cohen grueling LEGO’s, looking for a place where I could donate LEGO supply accumulated. “A friend of mine referred me to the Association’s Prescott orchot in Petah Tikva-Center for children with cancer, and I thought I just donate the LEGO,” he said. In a meeting with representatives of the Central
Offered him to unlock LEGO ring children. “I didn’t quite understand what that Department of LEGO, but I decided to accept the offer.

Prescott House “helped out” serves as a Center for children with cancer, but is designed
Parents with cancer. Department of major Cohen began in Jamaica with three children.
Curious, and after a year and seven months in which the Department operates. it is now running in single-format weekly for three hours, with about 20 participants, both children and parents.

Volunteer area

“I have children of cancer patients, parents who are sick with the disease and children whose parents”, he explains. He thus exacerbated circle added another aspect to the task, including visits to hospitals. “I came to the onkologieth, children who can’t get to the Department and build with LEGO. I bring
Them a little gift and we’re starting to play. Frequency of visits ranges from once to twice.
Per week.

LEGO circle and visits to hospitals comes major Cohen in civilian clothes, but no time faced children in uniform. “Pillar
And at other times I came straight from the military activity came on. The kids would salute
Me, they know I’m an officer in the army. It added more to this attraction, “he says with a smile.

Most recently served as major Cohen p. קשל”א (an entity ogdati officer) Gaza Division, and after his return to military service. Volunteerism, of course, will continue. “It makes fun for kids, and also causes me. This is where the LEGO imagination
Falling apart and has no boundaries, “he concludes.

Translated from Hebrew