The bird Hill to commemorate fallen fighters instead. “This is a landmark heritage long axis of border patrol the border near Kibbutz Tel Katzir Jordan Valley was inaugurated this morning (Wednesday) again.
In the early 1960s, in recognition and appreciation for the border fighters operating in the area.
Established the border Hill.
From the 1950s until the six day war in 1967, the air force fighters in the northern border region
And were a major force in security operations in this sector.

On the Hill were several shootings against
Syrian power in his region, and these events were injured a few fighters. In
1959, killed in shooting near Hill a border fighter, Hamed Halabi, and year after
Then, another fighter was killed on the spot, a border police officer Superintendent Shmuel Ben-Arie z incident
The shooting occurred near the Hill.

During the past year was founded on the hill with the assistance of “the Green Berets” and led by
A hot tub, a male bird fallen and injured fighters instead.
On the lookout for a new month initiation complex and added it’s motives.
Hill attended the initiation of border control, kobby Saturn, Jeep Commander
Yehuda נצ”מ, Joshua, the force’s command staff, the former Navy commander, retired
And bereaved families.

Border guard commander, kobby Saturn, said: “I’m excited and proud to stand here.
A waypoint is a long years of heritage.
Since its inception to nowadays the many challenges in security and was a partner in the development of the country.
The most important project we elders today sharpens ahead of remembrance Memorial
And the fascinating history of our Corps and country.

The Commander further noted the border Lookout, open to the public and I call on the citizens of Israel to go and learn about heritage
And the history of this magnificent force who has a big part in the history of the State of Israel. “

Jeep Commander North נצ”מ space Judah Joshua, who led the renewal project
The Hill, said: “we are proud to stand on this piece of land we didn’t know existed until
Long ago, carrying on her back one small piece and significant, one small piece of infinite jigsaw
A glorious history.
It’s pride to serve such a powerful force and both his men and his abilities and proud to belong
Such a glorious history.

Translated from Hebrew