Watch: this is the takeover of ה”קלוס SI” commando Warrior’s eyes

Special documentation helmet camera carrying tyre warriors • full details of the offer: ins spear and arrow man tracked the ship, a special area was chosen to
חה”י tool will not be interpreted as pirates

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מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
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Watch: this is the takeover of ה”קלוס SI” commando Warrior’s eyes

Yesterday a.m. Israel time, thwarted the smuggling ship “Clos-SI” in operational activity. Day after the incident, things seemed at the moment of truth:

Operational activity almost 1,500 miles from the coast of Israel demanded intelligence capabilities. The long preparation, the exact scene and lessons from past productions helped naval forces with rocket ships, ins spear and arrow,
Started on the task. First, man was groping forward arrow while ins spear has categorized the goals, measures and arms showed a ship among waves.

Upon arrival, when rezo ins ל”קלוס arrow and spear-SI” in the marine context,
And asked to come aboard the ship. The surface rather than designed to intercept ships scheduled operation, with weather, hours and location. To prevent ore ה”קלוס SI” to think that the Pirate ships, often in the Southern Red Sea zone, a special area. So, the class חה”י
The merchant ship, and crew aboard collaborated. When Navy officials boarded the ship, the captain ה”קלוס SI discourse” which turned out to be sailing the same route planned.

ה”קלוס-c” concept:

Iran is used as a major player in smuggling weapons into the sea for years.
Rare documentation: this took place behind the scenes of the operation to prevent ה”קלוס mic

Next, Navy fighters broke the hold of the ship, the number of containers and the cement behind the hidden weapons.

Translated from Hebrew