Wet drill

צילום ארכיון: עומר סלע, דובר צה”ל

For the first time, the team of Scouts of Northern ogdati 210 and “Stinger” practiced a pursuit and capture: “following the warming North sector. evidence is needed on the broader probes”

תאריך: 16/11/2014, 15:02    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל


Eyes glued to the ground as probes of 210 staff Division Crown
Follow. Led by a marching unit “sting”, holding the leash of a bloodhound named Draco. During the Chase, they are scouring the spindle to ensure that he does not sabotage charges. Towards the end of the orchard, the dog suddenly stopped, bowed his head and sniffs. It marks this close. Within seconds, the Scouts and the dog handler open running until Draco jumps.

It seems an exercise in ogdati the first training of the staff of 210 Scouts Division.
“As a result of the warming in the northern sector, the command between necessary broader vision
The groping, groping ogdati officer, Maj. Aziz adefarasin ‘ Kelvin to the site.
“Therefore, it was decided to open a new position-ogdati-probes officer although officers were groping just divisions.

Ogdati training lasts about a week and included, inter alia, lectures, and various practices ranges. Sharing the pursuit with “sting” was natural, as Scouts and rectangle job pursuit is similar – they must recognize the signs which will lead them eventually into the enemy. “The dogs chase and hunt we teach to identify human smells. Together with the Scouts, K9 trying to backtrack from the enemy, “explains instructor training of sting, Sgt. Danny. “When the dogs recognize the enemy, they know that they
Attack. “

Wet drill

New probes officer role ogdati. Photo Archive: the IDF spokesperson

When the chase after terrorists penetrated the fence Israel territory, all Tracker (i.e. against serving in the set) accompanied by a tracker which is compulsory military service. A strong sense of brotherhood divides among the fighters, when the Veterans teach the theory. Upcoming winter is expected to ease. “Blurry tracks because of the rain, and harder to pay attention to the small details,” said major kokokyaw 137.
“When you come to the crossroads, you must expand the scans and to dwell on every detail, Greece
The probability the increasing divergence of the enemy, “he added.

As descends on the area of Nahal Golan, exploratory work is made even more difficult. “The northern sector probes are a bunch of small lots,
Major adefarasin ‘ Kelvin with a smile. “They work together in a very. In the past six months, we also allow greater diversity at work. Instead of probing could stay in line for 25 years, decided to have refreshing of groping by moving
From place to place.

Translated from Hebrew