When sharionerim became alive.

צילומים: גדי ימפל, דובר צה”ל

In practice the first trained fighters mortars of class 401 Division
In practice: the regular fighters and within a month had learned the secrets of the gemstone.

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

1 skip, 2 skip! “, is the statement by consignment well the fighters alive, from basic training to liberation and simply the nature of property
Ground fighting. But this time, I was not חי”רניקים screamed the words of scorching baseline Hill ze’elim, but mortar class Warriors of Armored Division 401. In one month and deepened the in shrionerim the fighting alive in order to enable them to undertake employment in operational infantry lines from now on.

“Our goal is to bring the warring service so they can follow live jobs, which is the class designation, told IDF battalion commander site” eshet “, Lt. Col. Ophir Silberstein. “Unlike in the past, this time it is a long and intense training than usual.”
The last time the Warriors passed on the lives so profoundly was in boot camp, and decided together with the Division Chief and Chief of Department for eligibility.
In thoroughly. “The excellent preparations tankists towards Koh and trivial and mundane, but one dedicated to preparing infantry capabilities is rare.

When sharionerim became alive.

Almost impossible to discern whether the infantry experienced fighters or fighters trained about fighting. It is apparent that despite the heavy heat there that day, the Warriors dominated the surface barrier dunes of sandy tze’elim base, and are specialists in open combat, with live ammunition. Platoon commander, Lieutenant Amihai Ben-David, explained that “in the first week of the theoretical lessons we especially those moved from the” rattlesnake “elders of the paratroopers brigade, explained from the experience for the required task. After
Then we moved to ב”יבש space” hens “. Last week, he said, the practice peaked.
“Here we all exercise with live ammunition, the individual, the squad to platoon level. The battalion commander added that the warriors from the various tmktsaim Peck Chai divisions such as guns and Katyushas and specialize in shooting.

“You are facing a long and complex exercise very problematic” in space, contact Lieutenant Colonel Silberstein to set according to the achievements we wanted to accomplish our goals, and I’m sure
That will be challenging. ” And so it was for long hours in the hot sun of the desert warriors worked on a specific cloaked targets between the thorny shrubs. “I see three enemy bombers at a distance of 200 meters.” one of the soldiers, yelling, and no response was late to arrive, swiftly and professionally. According to the Mag, in two weeks is expected to begin to accomplish tasks one infantry figures, which serve them on line after practice in Judea and Samaria.

When sharionerim became alive.

In light of the understanding about the importance of training in the lives, the emphasis on the subject and prepare months in advance, in cooperation with elders of paratroopers from the Division’s reconnaissance company and urban fighting training centre.
“I sat down with company commanders and Meg and agreed at the time to be mentors and much ammunition issues in initial stage. We have invested in training the full efforts and I hope that the idea will become a pilot for the rest of the armor divisions, “said Lieutenant Ben David. Meanwhile, from noted that there is complexity in the fact that there is an expectation that the infantry would be infantry fighters everything but have different equipment and mortars. However, he said that “a soldier who sees the amount of investment it understands the meaning and be with them.”

“We set clear goals before practice but while we reached a number of conclusions. First,
Important subject, class bonding Greece only soldier who rely on adjacent Warrior charge
At the moment of truth, “added Lieutenant Ben David,” Secondly, professionalism and high level of qualification of the matter involved, alongside strong soldiers, while gaining experience alongside physical fitness at its peak.

When late afternoon finished the warriors and won a few hours rest.
For Lilly exercise “wet”. “We were on a mission and we identified the terrorists”, the Mag in front of soldiers during exercise summary, “do not know the area and knew from whence comes the enemy, so you had to be very concentrated in order to attack the enemy, and he will be the us.” Lieutenant Colonel Silberstein explained that enemy combatants not trained and think like us, and the only thing that could hurt is if we do not act and do mistakes on the way, but eventually we are at an advantage over all
Our enemy, the North and South.

Translated from Hebrew