When she met the squadron shasteronatit

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The astronaut Anna Fischer arrived in Israel this week, and was meeting with air force Navigator: “I was the only woman, but from the beginning it was clear to me that this will not create any problems.”

תאריך: 03/02/2014, 16:17    
מחבר: אלעד הלפרין, אתר צה”ל

The American astronaut Anna Fisher, also known as “the first mother in space, visiting air force squadron. The meeting was held within the framework of the discussion on the subject of combining work with family life demanding in Hebrew University, Lieutenant, Navigator in the air force, Vice Dean of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a panel serve students and the University. The discussion was held within the framework of the Agency science of Hebrew University during the week the Government Office for science and space.

The meeting reviewed Anna Fisher long years of work and factories in the American space agency, which flies out of the atmosphere in 1977 in the first expedition ever to space in which women took part, and was part of two additional expeditions left. “I was the only woman aboard aircrafts, but from the beginning it was evident to me that it will not create any problems. It was very warm and family environment, “explains Fischer.
The astronaut told the story of her life and accepting to work for NASA and explained to Panel members
The challenges of a family during tense and demanding as the space agency

When she met the squadron shasteronatit

Then there was a panel questions, explained Fischer, now participates in the team plotting the next pod of United States, and examines what it takes from a person in order to be an astronaut at NASA, she said, to accommodate the space program applicants must have at least one degree when academic training in more than one profession improves chances of acceptance (as evidenced, Fisher had academic training in chemistry and math when accepting the space program). Also, useful for four years of candidate at least in engineering and pilots often have an advantage in light of experience in flight.

People who pass the first selection stage will be required to present letters of recommendation, followed by
Interviews will be held. According to Fischer, anyone who comes to personal interviews worthy of being an astronaut.

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