Who is the best jumper

צילום: גדי ימפל, דובר צה”ל

Red Division decided to hold the Olympics and, to
Standing at the various abilities of the troops. From a paratroopers: the competition has a significant learning subjects

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מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Red Division decided to examine once and for all: the best jumper Regimental Olympics took place for the third time this week, as the opening shot for the upcoming divisional training. The currently operational employment operations reached day
Their subjects were studied alive competition, when examined by response, new פק”לים and fighting at night-which specialize in the Division.

The Warriors competed for the title of the best fighter in the various lives.
In between scenes, ngbists, agistim, and snipers. Old fighters have come to the tournament for the third time, but realized that the current Olympics added new areas, such as deepening of new such mcleron Paek (pomegranate Sling CA) and subject to the inclusion in fighting shape and strict inclusion the paramedics when fighting Lilith, which was designed to prepare them for battle. In addition committed the refreshing Decathlon 12 officers from Division along with three honors officers carried out training long has agreed in particular to examine the practical and fit, and then elected divisional honors officer.
The first paratroopers mountains גדס”ר contribution points. Rated 202 Regiment who arrived followed 2nd Battalion 890 that finished in third place. Full results at the end of the story.

“Our main goal is to strengthen the professional knowledge in the world, with an emphasis on new weaponry at a time when Super slowly Anoint your candle is empowering the individual Division, told IDF website control in a paratroopers, Lieutenant Colonel Guy Berger He also considered Warrior supposedly simple fighter is vital to winning the war. Me as important that realizes end fighter whose ability and his professional level to perform his duties, determined the fate of the next war. “

Majid said that the Olympics caused a significant change in all subjects.
“The issue exacerbated and we see significant improvement in achievement of the fighters. From time to time the competition harder and respectively the Warriors arrive at better grades, which is a challenge for us, “says Colonel Berger.

List of winners

Machine gun battalion 890-trend
The MOP גדס”ר paratroopers.
Sharpshooters Battalion 101.
-Launcher parachute גדס”ר
Command and control Battalion 101.
Paramedics battalion 202.
-Mortar battalion 202
A-202 kleron battalion
גדס”ר. officers
Weighting of points-202 גדס”ר 1st, 2nd and 3rd -890

Translated from Hebrew